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When Does Someone Get A Wikipedia Page

Getting a Wikipedia page is not easy but it’s not impossible as well. You need to understand the guidelines and follow them properly to get on the platform. Wikipedia works on one important principle “to be found” this tells the criteria for the subject to become eligible.

Before you learn about when does someone get a Wikipedia page let’s dive in to know what the platform is about and how worthy it is for online reach and presence.

Wikipedia is one of the largest online encyclopedia with a massive reach. It offers content in more than 300 languages in order to broaden its reach. It connects with readers belonging to different regions of the world. It offers free information to readers and encourage contributors to share noteworthy content. The open source site welcomes readers to make changes in the content if they come across any irrelevancy or flaw. It helps in keeping the information contained on the published pages fresh and updated.

The platform has become the second most visited site on Google due to which over 1000 entries are made every day from across the world. To filter out the best one, Wikipedia has created its guidelines that ensure to provide most engaging, worth reading and authentic information. These guidelines revolve around many aspects from research to content creation to checking the notability.

If you learn about the Wikipedia guidelines, you can understand who can be on it and who is not eligible. So, without further ado, let’s learn about the criteria to become eligible and acceptable by the platform.

Wikipedia Eligibility and Notability Criteria

You need to qualify for getting on the platform. You need to stand on the notability principle to show that you have a certain online reach as low as 100 people who know you and would be eager to read about you.

The basis to create the guidelines is also to double-check and verify the information a person shares on the Wikipedia page. The official editors who review the content before publishing need to find out whether the person has shared authentic information or not.

When Does Someone Get A Wikipedia Page

The first step to understanding when someone get a Wiki page is to follow the Principle of Notability. It tells about the online presence and reach of the subject. It ensures that the subject can garner attention and that it has an audience who would get on the platform to read about it.

As per the principle, there are certain aspects, which one has to check.

  • Notability Test
  • Many References
  • References Have A Wikipedia Page
  • Bad Wikipedia Sources

The Notability Test

Wikipedia states about the notability criteria as, “If a topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to be suitable for a stand-alone article or list.”

You need to check if the subject fits on the notability guidelines of the platform or not. According to which you should not rely on primary resource and that there should be secondary resources about the subject. The primary resources includes self published articles and references from the subject’s personal website.

Furthermore, when it comes to checking the secondary resources you need to make sure the quality and credibility of the sources is high. The quality of content published matters the most. There must not be mere biography of the subject including the name and details rather a thorough piece of information which can be referred to verify the information they incorporate in the Wikipedia page.

Many References

You need to check the quantity of your references as well. Do not think that by relying on one or two sources will give you a pass to be on the platform. You have to ensure that your information is present on more than 2 credible platforms. As much as quality matters, quantity too has an importance in the eligibility guidelines of Wikipedia.

References Have A Wikipedia Page

The next important clause is that you need to make sure the references are authentic or has a Wikipedia page. For instance, if you refer information taken out from Forbes or Wired Magazine, then you can find there Wikipedia pages as well. It speak about their authentic and reliability. So, before you go for stating the references you need to check the credibility of those platforms as well.

Bad Wikipedia Sources

The last notability clause is to avoid adding bad Wikipedia sources. There are certain platform that despite having an enormous reach and recognition are not acceptable on Wikipedia. The platform intends to offer most genuine information to the readers and die to which it has a list of those sites and sources that must not be referred when creating a Wikipedia page. The list is down below:

  • Self-Published Material
  • Wikileaks
  • IMDB
  • Reddit
  • Tabloid Journalism
  • Fox News

Why does Wikipedia remove pages?

The Wikipedia platform is now integrated with AI bots that are programmed to find the loopholes and delete the pages instantly. They reject or delete a page upon finding irrelevancy, false information and a subject that is neither credible nor notable.

Who is eligible for a Wikipedia profile?

Anyone who has an online reach and recognition is eligible for the platform. Even if only a hundred people know you and want to read about you, your page will be approved. Sometimes, a person with a huge presence in the circle does not meet the publishing guidelines for having no online presence.

What makes a person notable?

A person becomes notable if they have coverage on credible platforms like Forbes and The New York Times. Note that these sources should fall under the secondary references section to be accepted on Wikipedia. The person needs to fit on the stand-alone list of notability guidelines.

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