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What Qualifies You To Have A Wikipedia Article Written About You

The word Wikipedia, is one of the most popular words on the search engine. it is the 5th most popular site with 6.1 billion visitors per month. Wikipedia falls under the category of dictionaries and encyclopedias. It was instituted in 2001, founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. it is an American foundation headquartered in San Francisco, California; a non-profit organization funded by Wikimedia.

The online dictionary submitted 20,000 entries in its first year (2021).  In terms of diversity Wikipedia has spread it platforms such as Hebrew, French, German etc. It is based on the software Web 2.0, and has its set principles.

Anyone can edit anything from nay part of the world on this platform, this is one of the distinct features on Wikipedia, but for that one needs to be a verified user of Wikipedia. There are some locked pages in Wikipedia that requires the permission to edit.  Wikipedia has its set firm rules which they call the 5 pillars of Wikipedia.

  • It is an online platform for encyclopedias, gazettes. it is not a platform of dictionary or a newspaper, it is a collection of documents
  • All the articles written on Wikipedia are from a neutral point of view. They are presented with accuracy from multiple points of view. It does not support any conflict, issue or bias
  • No writer owns the articles; it is an open platform where all ate articles can be edited and redistributed. all the rules of copyrights should be respected and do not plagiarize
  • All fellow editors should be respected, despite disagreement. Do not involve in personal conflicts. All conflicts and matters should be discussed on the talk pages
  • All the rules of Wikipedia are to be followed, the rules can be modified over time Wikipedia; promotes being bold in writing

If anyone is seeking to get a space in Wikipedia, they need to follow the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. First and foremost, all the criteria need to be checked. It is not an easy place to go in, it is important to remember that, one cannot create and write their article as it would be a conflict of interest.

One can get someone to write an article about their page. There are crucial steps that need to be followed to qualify for Wikipedia.

To start you need to create an account of Wikipedia by simply logging into their website and signing in, and entering all the required information and you are in.

The 2 Essential Steps To Qualify For Wikipedia Article

To, qualify for a Wikipedia article written about you. You need to fulfil the criteria that allows one to be eligible of a Wikipedia article and that is,

  1. Notability
  2. References

The Notability Criteria

Notability is the boon in Wikipedia; you need to meet this criterion to establish on the platform. Notability is the first step to qualify of Wikipedia, and without it one cannot move forward. notability is a test used by editors to heck the eligibility for the biographies, the person should be worthy of notice or should be unusual to have a space on the Wikipedia screen. For this, there is defined styles and guidelines to be followed.

Wikipedia does not accept any discriminatory or original article. All the information included must be of verifiable sources and worthy of notice. Any article that does not fulfil these criteria may be rejected or not published. To be notable you have to,

  • Be vigilant and make contributions in the industry
  • Have an influential and admirable name
  • Stand out in the crowd with remarkable performance

To become notable is not an impossible task to achieve, almost anyone can become notable by time. for a Wikipedia page it is not necessary that the article will have a stand-alone page, the editors may merge the two related topics into one article.

To understand the qualification process of notability, first look at the basic guidelines that determines the notability for an article to be published.

Basic Guidelines of Notability

  • All the sources cited, should be from secondary sources and are needed to be verified for notability. Sources can be extracted from online or offline platforms
  • All the sources need to be from reliable sources, it can be any language or any form. these sources need to be reliable to fit the criteria of notability
  • Not affiliated or linked articles. all the press releases advertise, and autobiographies are not notable
  • The article should be significant in its subject and should be fully well versed in its topic or if a specific topic is mentioned in the article should have significance

All the guidelines of subject-specific notability guidelines (SNG) define if a standalone article could be written or not. The SNG indicates that the article is eligible and the sources are reliable, the subject that passes the SNG guides is eligible for an article. In some cases, if an article passes the CNG and SNG test, it may still be deleted, rejected, or merged with other articles due to inadequate information.

These basic guidelines or the specific notability guidelines (SNG), do not affect the content of the article. Any article that has not been covered will never be notable. If an article consists of poor writing or referencing nothing can decrease its notability.

The Reference Criteria

No one is going to spread a good for the world about you unless you have made it to the criteria. As already it has been emphasized that Wikipedia has crucial importance when it comes to qualifying for an article published on Wikipedia. There are no rules regarding references to be notable and eligible. But to be a qualifying candidate. You need to have reliable and verifiable references under your belt. Wikipedia editors are keen on picking out the references and making sure they are according to Wikipedia guidelines.

It takes more than one reference to establish an eligible status. You have to carefully extract all the references. Wikipedia accepts the references that are available in public records or under governments records. As Wikipedia does not believe in original content, all the references must be from secondary sources. A primary source is usually not considered a credible source, as it could be written by the subject itself. All the references from secondary sources are not accepted, the reliable secondary sites include literary journals, textbooks, encyclopedias. reliable newspapers or magazines.

all the sources should be from third-party sources, which means that they contribute under certain conditions to the subject. To fulfill the criteria of the reference, you will need to have them from multiple sources. To qualify for ample references you need to,

  • Improve your strategies in the market to be notable and referred
  • Try to improve the PR strategy to become more innovative and credible in the market
  • Your work should be free from biases and must be based on factual and statistical data

Now it is cleared that there are two fundamental steps to qualify for a Wikipedia article written about you. You are worthy of notice; you have a notable name in the market and have solid references. here are some unbelievable tips you can follow.

The 5 Unbelievable Tips To Qualify For A Wikipedia Page

1.  Check The Availability Of The Topic

After creating an account and entering all the important information. you need to select a name. First of all, look out if the page name already exists. The tip to a winning user name is that it should be unique and easy. So, that the users can easily search about you.

Type the proposed name in the search bar, if the red link appears it means that the page does not exist and you can finalize with THE name.

2.  Stand Out Yourself With Existing Data

You need to be an active user of Wikipedia to prove yourself, so, get on brad and start editing. Once you have created an account and have been verified by the authorities you can start editing the existing articles.

As you are aware that it is an open platform, editing helps in establishing one as a professional and well-versed editor and turns into an auto-confirmed user. Autoconfirm users are allowed to post images and show disinterest in conflict of interest (COI).

3.  Polish Yourself By Writing Drafts

No one is an expert here; everyone learns from time to time and it is crucial to remember this and follow this too. One should set their hands before entering the arena. Practice writing a draft that stimulates the readers, the content should be well put together and should be crystal clear in its subject.

Wikipedia has introduced with its writing style that one needs to look out for. Write the articles with proper formatting and outline. You can check out your draft by pasting it in the Sandbox and checking how it looks on the Wikipedia interface.

4.  Make The Readers Feel At Home

Well, you need to go with the readers, it is important to realize the content of the article should be user-friendly and cater to a larger audience. You don’t know from what part of the world the readers are coming from. keep an updated page and ask your Wikipedia team to create an engaging contact.

Wikipedia is a popular place for visitors, if you are working well in the field it will help in bringing more audience and gives more credibility and visibility.

5.  Be Active And Patient

Patience is the key; nothing will work in a blink of an eye. you have to be patient and active to qualify for Wikipedia. Keep on going and work hard until you have achieved the goals and be active in the community. Wikipedia has integrated the talk pages, a talk page is a splendid feature of Wikipedia that allows the editors to gather on one platform and discuss how to improve the articles.

An article after submission takes a few days to review, the editor may reply with some changes to make or to delete some content. So, keep the editor’s suggestion a priority and do as a command.

The 3 Incredible Factors To Write Wikipedia Content

To be worth of notable and referred the content of the article should be from neutral point of view (NPOV), verifiability and no original research.

Neutral Point Of View (NPOV)

All the articles must be written fairly and without any discrimination or bias. All the articles must be extracted carefully and analyzed properly that it does discriminate on any level. it is the fundamental principle of Wikipedia the neutral point of view describes what and not can be included in the article. including the neutral point of view means to state all the valuable points that have weight. Wikipedia has defined the guidelines of a neutral point of view.


All of the information included in the articles must be taken from verifiable sources. It means that all the articles need to be verified from multiple credible sources. Wikipedia does not support original content or the beliefs of the editor It is important to mention all the facts, number quotations, questions must be taken from verified sources. The citation gives credibility so, include all the quotations and the facts with an inline citation.

No Original Research

Wikipedia does not support or encourage the use of original content. It refers to using the cited material to add to the article. It is important to remember that all the cited articles must be from reliable sources mentioned in the guidelines of Wikipedia. All the information must be cited even if they are universal truths. No information should be plagiarized, or temper the copyrights when rewriting the material. any source that is being used should be carefully written that it does not change its essence of it.

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