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What Does it Mean for a Fact to be “Verifiable” on Wikipedia?

Verifiability is one of the core content policies of Wikipedia. If you say “content is verifiable” that simply means that readers can keep a check whether the information is coming from a credible, reliable, and authentic source or not.

Wikipedia does not inspire any writer to publish original research on its platform. Instead, the content available on Wikipedia which is accessible to the common public is based on already posted researched-based knowledge and info rather than void assumptions and personal experiences.

Wikipedia page creators and Wikipedia editors are not allowed to add or delete anything until or unless they have already verified earlier with any reliable source.


Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/D8QbsYyiFmw

What needs to be verified?

The content that needs to be verified includes:

  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Captions
  • Quotation
  • Each and every material that is available in Wikipedia’s mainspace

All the above-mentioned material must be verifiable and in case something is likely to be challenged then it is necessary to include an inline citation of an authentic source in order to support the content.

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What counts as a reliable source?

Wikipedia considers scholarly sources as reliable and authentic ones. It includes scholarly monographs, textbooks, and academic and peer-reviewed publications. To analyze whether the source is reliable or not, it is needed to concentrate on a professional framework to check the facts, lawful subject, evidence, and opinions.

However, to know more about reliable sources one can consult the Wikipedia reliable sources noticeboard.

Sources that are not reliable

Questionable sources and self-published sources are not considered reliable sources for citations. Reference from self-published books and any other content is not acceptable because a person can get biased in his self-publication. But in case the self-published book has already been published by any notable platform or publisher so it is acceptable.

However, questionable sources include sources that include conflict of interest, biasness, promotional content, element of extremism, and content that is fully dependent on a rumor, disbelief, and personal thoughts.

How can you identify whether a source is credible or not?

To identify whether a source is credible or not you can conduct a CRAAP test.

  • Current: Check that the source is the latest or current.
  • Relevant: Check that the source is relevant to your topic.
  • Author: Check who owns the source or who is the Author?
  • Accurate: Check that the source is accurate and must have supporting proofs.
  • Purpose: Identify the purpose of the source behindhand its publication.

How to get your Wikipedia page approved?

To get your Wikipedia page approved you need:

Get a registered Wikipedia account

It is vital to get a registered Wikipedia account. A registered account lets the one creates a user profile. Once someone has a user profile of Wikipedia then he can get texts from other users too if they want to notify you about the alterations in your article. Moreover, a user can get non-currency credits for his bits of help on Wikipedia.

Pick an appropriate topic

While picking out a topic for the Wikipedia article it is vital to choose a matter that is appropriate. That simply means that a topic you select must be unbiased and must have a lot of reliable and well-versed resources. Once you choose the topic then the most significant thing is to conduct a detailed research about that particular topic. In case you do so then you will have a lot of content to consider while writing.

Cite the sources

To get your Wikipedia page approved it is necessary to add citations from reliable and authentic resources. Never trust external resources as Wikipedia does not see them as credible and reliable sources for references.

Wikipedia Contributors Worldwide

Wikipedia Contributors Worldwide

Why should someone hire a Wikipedia page creation service?

If someone wants to have a Wikipedia page then it is highly recommended to hire a Wikipedia page creation service for the following reasons:

Successful account creation

If anyone hires Wikipedia professionals, they will provide them with a hassle-free journey of account creation and can instantly create a Wikipedia account. Furthermore, there will be a lesser or zero chance of any blunder throughout the whole process as they are professionals with years of experience.

Drafting and composition

As long as they get a complete brief about the requirements, they initiate to compose the draft of an article. They broaden their research about the particular topic and gather reliable sources for citations and other useful material to support the article.

Proofreading and Editing

When they complete their drafting part, they move toward editing and proofreading. It is an important phase of Wikipedia article creation. This phase helps to critically view whether the article is ready to be published or if it still needs any further alterations. It is good to keep a check on the progress and delete the mistakes simultaneously from the article if there are any.

Submission and publishing

After the proofreading and editing phase, creators then share the article with the clients in order to get the approval to proceed with the further process. Once a customer is satisfied, then the Wikipedia creators submit the page for publishing on Wikipedia’s official site. Wikipedia then goes through the page and scans whether you have successfully followed its rules or violated any of them.


Do people get paid for updating Wikipedia?

Wikipedia does not pay anyone. Each and every individual writer and editor contributes voluntarily to Wikipedia. As it is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, which specifically works for the development and well-being of common individuals.

What counts as a reliable source on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia considers scholarly sources as reliable and authentic ones. It includes scholarly monographs, textbooks, and academic and peer-reviewed publications. For further information read the Wikipedia guidelines about the reliable sources for citations.

Can Wikipedia be edited by anyone?

As you already know that Wikipedia is an open-source platform that particularly means anyone can edit, delete and create content for Wikipedia. The only condition is to include content that can be easily verified from a reliable source.

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