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What Are the Several Things You Can Do After Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the ultimate hub of information. No matter where you are in the world, you can have access to true information in real-time. There is no issue in form of accessibility because the platform provides ease of information giving in 304 different global languages. This includes nearly all the national and some of the widely spoken regional languages. You speak French? You can translate your page in French. If you are comfortable in Spanish, you can get access to information in Spanish. With Wikipedia there are no barriers at all to gain knowledge.

Moreover, one good thing about Wikipedia is that despite being a user-generated site, it continues to follow strict community guidelines. No one is allowed to go against any of the guidelines by any means. Hence, with such strict policies and quality checks, today the site has more than 52.07 million pages on it. The site continues to grow with thousands of registered pages every day. Wikipedia is a way to spread information about absolutely any topic to the world. Nonetheless, its importance can be identified by traffic it gets with 22.67 billion views annually. With these stats, the platform has secured a position in the top fifteen most visited sites by Alexa.

Wikipedia and Its Need in the Business World

A major share of Wikipedia pages today are businesses. The reason is that it is the first site that appears when a user searches for any product or business. Every business wants to acquire higher visibility in the customers’ sight and thus there is no better way than to appear on Wikipedia.

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A Wikipedia page for a company gives immense importance to a business and adds value to its existence. The major reason of businesses having a hold of Wikipedia pages is user attention and authenticity. Since the platform is considered to be the most authentic and reliable site for information gaining, businesses take complete benefit from it and publish their pages on the site.

However, there are businesses that have created Wikipedia pages for themselves but are unaware of the benefits it brings or are clueless about what to do next after the page is created. Hence, if you are one of those businesses who are wondering what to do after creating a Wikipedia page, then this article is exactly for you to read. Go ahead and give it a thorough read.

ü  Maintain the Page with Current Information

Keep one thing in mind very clear that it is not enough to just create a Wikipedia page for a company and then forget about its existence. This is not going to bring benefit to you by any means. Just like you do not leave a marketing campaign halfway through you cannot leave a Wikipedia page on its own completely. You have to make sure to update the information every once in a while.

The stats for a business such as revenues, profits, losses, expenses, etc. for a business keep changing with the passage of time. Hence, in order to keep your audience aware of the current facts and figures, you are supposed to update the information regularly.

ü  Keep an Eye on the Unwanted Edits by Competitors

Wikipedia is a user-generated site. Everything that you see there is posted by somebody like you. Although the information is approved only with authentic citations, you still need to keep an eye on the edits that happen on your page. Your competitors can edit your page if you fail to keep a surveillance on the page.

Therefore, it is necessary that you assign someone particularly for the job of Wikipedia page monitoring. So that if anything goes wrong on the page, the person can immediately identify it and take measures right away. If you lack in the surveillance part, chances are that a negative image of your business will be portrayed to your targeted audience.

ü  Correct Any Misleading Information on the Page  

As mentioned earlier that Wikipedia is a user-generated site and if you do not have any check and balance policy for the page your page would be prone to irrelevant and unauthentic information. Hence, if something like this happens, it your responsibility to correct the information on the site about your business.

You can also report the edits if they are not right or cause any kind of defame to your company. However, the best way to avoid any such situation is to stay updated already and keep a check on the page every day.

Things to Write on a Wikipedia Page for a Company

If you are a new business or if you have entered the digital world recently, then these are the four most important things you need to add into your Wikipedia page. However, remember to update them if any changes occur in their existence.

–          Highlight the History of the Company and Its Making

It is very important to highlight about your roots and from where your business comes from. You have to talk about how you started and what have been your journey. Keep in mind that you are supposed to develop a bond with them before you move to any other step.

–          State the Mission and Vision on the Company

The second most important thing that your audience should know is the mission and vision statement of your business. They should know why you exist and how are you going to cater to their needs and wants.

–          Talk About the Numbers of the Business

Your audience wants to know how big of a business you are or what is your current standing in the market. You can tell them about this through your revenue numbers, profit ratios, and annual income numbers.

–          Highlight the Marketing Activities of the Business

This is the best thing that you will add into your page. Writing marketing strategies such as CSR activities allow businesses to do a perfect business without even doing any kind of promotions. Make sure you mention these too.

What if a company does not update information regularly on a Wikipedia page?

If a company fails to update the information regularly on a Wikipedia page, chances are that the page will be taken over by other users on the site and that its information can be used for any other business. In order to keep your business page to yourself, update it regularly.

Will a Wikipedia page be more visible if updated when needed?

Yes, a Wikipedia page will be more visible to the audience if it is updated every once in a while and if its activities are under observation of the experts. Visibility is the ultimate aim of the business and you will have to make sure to be visible to the audience with regular edits.

What if somebody writes unauthentic information about your company?

If you find somebody writing unauthentic information about your company and you want to take an action, then the best way is to report them to Wikipedia. You can either report the content they have written or the edits they have done on the site under your name.

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