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How To See When a Wikipedia Page Was Published

People like to create a Wikipedia page to increase awareness about different topics. You all know Wikipedia is the massive online platform where you find the most authentic information related to every topic. This encyclopedia was unveiled in 2001 and has made an outstanding position among the largest encyclopedias.

The interesting thing about this information hub is whenever you searched for any subject, the first few results on every search engine might be related to Wikipedia. Therefore, Wikipedia can easily be said as one of the biggest platforms where you find the top collection of information online.

Still, if you are thinking why Wikipedia then you have to look at the stats to realize the size of this platform. The growth of this platform is exponentially increasing. A recent survey says Wikipedia has more than 43 million registered users, and it surpassed 63 million articles. As of May 2022, 11% of Wikipedia articles belong to the English Language.

wikipedia size and users

However, it is a virtual encyclopedia that permits everyone to gather the most reliable, relevant, and verifiable information. It has more than 17000 articles uploaded each month, so this platform is getting bigger day by day.

So, if you have decided to create a Wikipedia page and get published, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. There is a high demand for having a Wikipedia page, so it’s necessary to learn every step carefully.

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What To Know to Get Your Wikipedia Page Published?

Wikipedia stated that it is not a place for marketing, advertising, or self-promotion. It has certain policies and guidelines that are crucial to follow to get a published Wikipedia page. Getting a seamless page is quite difficult, so you have to be tricky. For your ease, there you will read some guidelines that are essential to keep in mind while creating a Wikipedia page for any topic.

Guidelines that are essential to know before you published your Wikipedia page;

·  Meet with Wikipedia eligibility requirements

Wikipedia works on the notability criteria which means the information going to cover has worth attention. So, you need to determine whether your subject is notable enough or not. Is it meet Wikipedia’s eligibility requirements? Nobody wants to listen that “you are not notable.” For this, you have to make sure the topic you covered needs an interesting and captivating story. You also need to ensure your subject has been told by a journalist, so you can resource it to show your credibility.

Wikipedia is not a self-publishing platform, but it works on what other people have written about you and your services. Reliability and verifiability are everything for Wikipedia. It is vital to gather your sources from a press release or other authentic sites to show your authenticity.

·  Weigh up available sources

For your Wikipedia page identifying and evaluating credible sources is one of the best tricks to get a published page. Bear in mind that national publication is considered as the most valuable thing ever. Today, many media outlets are publishing a blog post with authentic references.

When writing a Wikipedia page, gather all the information related to your subject line. Make sure your topic must be covered by a big city newspaper or any trade publication that helps to make a reputable position among competitors. If you find several articles like this, then you are good to go. If you don’t, invest your time and effort to do in-depth research.

·  Pay close attention to conflict of Interest

Transparency is everything for Wikipedia. You are not allowed to create a Wikipedia page for your own interest, benefit, or external relationship. Conflict of interest is highly prohibited on Wikipedia; you are not allowed to create such content that disrupts others’ reputations.

According to its policies, if COI editing occurs, the administration is allowed to block the accounts. So, do not try to edit Wikipedia in your own stake. No one is allowed on Wikipedia to hurt someone’s integrity.

Tips To Get Listed on Wikipedia

Tip #1 – Get yourself registered on Wikipedia

If you want a published Wikipedia page, get yourself registered on Wikipedia. It is the simplest process ever. This process helps you to communicate with the Wikipedia editors. It will give you a unique and exclusive name and build your separate identity.

It is one of the most imperative parts of your page creation journey, as it offers ample rewards for making an account. The account creation process is not too difficult. You just need to follow simple steps, such as; visiting the Wikipedia homepage, selecting your native language and then going to the create account option present in the right corner of your screen. Make sure you add the most relevant detail. Must add an email address to get the account confirmation link. Set unique username and password for security. Once you received an email then again log in with your credentials.

Tip #2 – Go through Wikipedia five Pillars

It has some broad principles and all editors need to adhere to them while contributing to Wikipedia. The fact is it is not a platform where you are eligible to promote your business, and it is also not a soapbox where you talk about your personal theories or controversial issues. So, you have to learn the five pillars of Wikipedia to create a seamless page.

Tip #3 – What makes Wikipedia page credible

Once you have registered on the virtual encyclopedia, you are ready to create a Wikipedia page. Therefore, there are certain factors that need to consider thoroughly. Make sure the topic you choose must have a unique title; it needs to be exclusive.

Not only this, you have to identify the most authentic resources. When you are writing a Wikipedia article, you become part of a larger community. So, it is imperative to cite every resource to show that the information you shared is credible enough. Adding citations is one of the major elements that aid Wikipedia administrators to judge the page’s credibility. Make sure you cite every source properly.

Tip #4 – Create your first draft

Understanding Wikipedia will advise you to create highly researched content. Otherwise, your content will not accept by Wikipedia authorities. You need to conduct comprehensive research before writing your first draft. Make sure you follow every single policy and guideline to come up with the authorized page.

You can create the first draft to check out your content tone, whether it is written in a neutral tone or a promotional one. Ensure it is free from grammar errors, sentences should be structured, and formatting must be perfect. All information you add should be cited with an authentic resource.

Tip #5 – Page submission

Page submission is another most important factor. So, before submitting your page to Wiki authorities, focus on your writing style and consider the information you add. It is suggested to every author to read Wikipedia credibility criteria for better understanding.

How To Find Publication Date on Wikipedia

Once you follow each guideline mentioned in this blog surely help you to get an approved Wikipedia page. If you wondered how to see when a Wikipedia page was published? You can find the publish date at the bottom right of the page. It looks like this; the page was last edited on 7th May 2022, at 04:10 (UTC).

In A Nutshell

Yet, it is true that creating a Wikipedia page is the toughest challenge. But once you have learned each guideline, it will be easy for you to craft your page. Creating an encyclopedia is hard, so you only need to be tricky and figure out the Wikipedia pain point to get a qualified page.

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