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How To Make Your Name Appear On Wikipedia

Are you wondering how to get your name on Wikipedia? Do you want to gain an enhanced online recognition?

Wikipedia is the largest-ever online encyclopedia as its growing every day. It’s expanding with the contribution of the million experts and content enthusiast working from every corner of the world. The platform has over 1.7 billion followers every month with its content being published in over 300 languages. There are over 50 million articles with unique content.

The fact that Wikipedia enjoys huge limelight attracts everyone to be on it. Everybody is on a hunt about how to make your name appear on Wikipedia. However, the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia are so tough that not all the content submitted get approved. The content has to pass through several screening stages by the official editors to scrutinize the information along with the content quality. If the writer has followed every instruction and the content is up to the mark, it gets approved.

If you want to understand the criteria and techniques needed to get your Wikipedia approved, follow the blog below:

Here is a step by step guide to help you get on Wikipedia.

Step #1- Create An Account

Create An Account

You need to create your account first and for that head to the website: Wikiepdia.org and select your desired language register your name on Wikipedia. After that, you have to click on the button “create an account” which is at the top right corner.

Fill in the form with the right information and create a proper username. Set a strong password and proceed to create your userpage. Now that you have a userpage it will be possible to edit and improvise the already published articles. In this way, you get to contribute to your site.

Step #2- Learn About Wikipedia Policies & Instructions

Next is to follow the Wikipedia policies. When you check Wikipedia policies, you will get a clearer idea as to what things you should follow and what not to. So, here they are:

The Principle of Notability

The first policy is that you must be notable enough to have a page on Wikipedia. By getting a page, you can have your name listed on it. So, here notability means that you must have some online presence and credibility. People should know who you are at least a small group of the target audience. If anyone wants to find more about you there must be sources covering information regarding what you work and who you are. You can hire an SEO consultant to do that for you. he or she will help in building an online reputation. Apart from this, if you are listed in any credible platform like The Times or Forbes then you do not have to worry about being eligible for Wikipedia as you are notable enough.

The Writing Style

The next step is to check the writing style. Here you have to make sure that your content is non-promotional. It should not have any biased aspect. It should not be argumentative and decisive. It should be written in a completely neutral tone. You must not attack the privacy or integrity of anyone.

Research Material

When wondering about how do I put my name on Wikipedia you must make sure that the content you index on your page should be unique and valuable. You should give a reason for your target audience to stay on your page. If your page is not credible enough to engage readers, it will get buried under the most valuable pages.


Never get involved in attempting vandalism. It is one of the most disregarded acts. Vandalism is the act when a writer intentionally tries to affect the integrity of other published pages. Such accounts get blocked by Wikipedia right away.

Step #3- Pick A Unique Topic

Pick A Unique Topic

The next step is to pick a unique topic for your Wikipedia page. You must get on the Red Link Method that can help you see if the topic you have selected is unique enough to get approved by the platform. As per the Red Link Method, you have to enter your title in the Requested Article search box to get the results. If you get the red link that means your topic is unique and if a blue link appears that means you have to go for another topic and that the article is already present.

Step #4- Research The Verifiable Information

Now comes the time where you have to research verifiable information for your page. You must head to the most credible platforms and grab unique information to create a readable and interesting article. Every information you pick must be relevant and engaging. You must not include any false information. You have to make sure that your content is trustable. Never include verbosity as well. When you add filling content you lose the credibility and put the quality of your content to mark.

Step #5- Optimize Your Content

Here comes an important step and that is to optimize your content. You need to ensure that the content has the most searched keywords to help increase the overall ranking. You sure would want to attain a leading position in the search engine. So, by indexing the right keyword you can optimize your position in the search engine. You have to look for ways that can help you boost the traffic to your page and SEO is the best technique to do that.

Apart from this, Wikipedia does not allow do-follow links and that increases its worth as well. So, if you want to include any link to your blog or website you can do that in the External link section.

Step #6- Add Proper Citation

If you are thinking how to make your Wikipedia page approved easily then here is the trick. You must include a properly formatted citation just below your main content. The most common format used in Harvard style referencing. You can add citation in whichever format you wish but do check if that is approved by Wikipedia or not.

Step #7- Format Your Content Professionally

You know how restless the online readers are. They are more likely to skim a content than read the entire page. So, to feed their curiosity and to ease their restlessness you must include sub headings in your content. You need to format your content professionally by adding the right aspects. You should focus on following techniques that make your content easy to read.

Step #8- Proofread Your Content

The next and the final step is to proofread your content and check if there are any loopholes. You must use a highly advanced writing tool to be sure about the overall quality.

Step #9- Content Submission

Submit your content of the Wikipedia account by attaching the file and citations in the submission form. Add the required information and be sure about everything.

Step #10- Page Approval

Once the page is approved, you will get a link via email. Wikipedia takes up to 3 to 6 months to approve content.

How to get my name on Wikipedia approved?

To get your name approved on Wikipedia you need to adhere to every policy. You need to make sure that the content you write is according to the Wikipedia policies.