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How To Get Wikipedia Page Published

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that welcomes millions of users to join. There are approximately 42.443 million users and ranked as one of the 15 popular websites by Alexa. Wikipedia welcomes millions of editors and contributors to join the platform and be a part of their vast dictionary. The editors of Wikipedia are called Wikipedians; the community is maintained by a model known as open collaboration. Wikipedia operates under a host website, Wikimedia Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Wikipedia believes in serving a diverse audience and now it operates in over 325 languages. Wikipedia is where users go-to collect information about businesses, entrepreneurs, books, actors, films, history, and whatnot. Wikipedia is a platform that helps in building potential and a credible name as it only endorses verified names. Being on Wikipedia can be a great idea as it has millions of users but getting on Wikipedia could be a hard nut to crack. But there are a number steps that need to be followed to get on Wikipedia.


Source: Wikimedia Foundation

Well, when you search for How To Get A Wikipedia Page Published? you will be bumped into thousands of articles and complex steps could be baffling. But first, some basic questions need to be pounder upon before starting. Wikipedia only supports a name that is; worthy of notice, has been referred or has a neutral perspective.

–  The Openness Of Wikipedia

Considering the fact that there are millions of suers on Wikipedia, They follow the rule of procrastination principle to make it a secure and a reliable platform.

1. Restrictions

There are specific articles on Wikipedia that can only be edited by registered users. The registered users are the autoconfirmed users or extended confirmed users. Sometimes, Wikipedia only allows a registered editor to write a new article. The disputable articles are also protected and can only be edited by the administrators.

2. Review Of Changes

On Wikipedia, the history page allows seeing all the changes made. Although Wikipedia editing is not reviewed so, anyone can look into history and undo the changes that were made. On Wikipedia, the editors keep a watchlist where they add their articles of interest and modify them when needed.

3. Vandalism

Wikipedia strictly does not support vandalism, content that suppresses the quality of Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. It means that an editor or a contributor cannot defame or jeopardize another name. Wikipedia does not allow adding any controversial or false data that could affect the credibility of the specific name.

Policies And Guidelines Of Wikipedia

All the points simply identify how Wikipedia works and How To Get Wikipedia Published. To have a Wikipedia page is a delightful experience. But one needs to be aware of all the policies and guidelines are given by the wiki authorities.

The list of policies and guidelines on Wikipedia defines principles and standard that needs to be followed. It covers the area of content policies, editing policies, style guidelines, behavioral guidelines, etc. The basic five principles that are the crux of Wikipedia are the five pillars are:

  • Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, a record of gazettes
  • An article should be written from a neutral point of view
  • Wikipedia is a free platform where anyone can edit
  • The editors are required to treat the other editors with respect and behave civilly
  • There are no firm rules, over time the rules and guidelines can change and modify

–  The Basic Criteria To Get A Wikipedia Page Published

Notability and References

The process of Wikipedia page creation is no easy feat. There are criteria that they have set that allow you to get on Wikipedia. One of the determining factors is the notability’. This is the root of creating a Wikipedia page. Notability defines if the subject is worth being published on Wikipedia. Notability demands the content to be verifiable and independent of the topic. A topic considered to be worthy is that it meets, general notability guideline (CNG) or the subject-specific guideline (SNG).

After clarifying the notability criteria, Wikipedia reserves the right to merge the information and publish it into one article and may not have a stand-alone page. To ace the criteria of notability one must have references.

The references that qualify for a Wikipedia page must be from verified sources and secondary sources. The third-party articles are considered authentic; they are usually considered secondary sources. Wikipedia approves articles from reliable news agencies, literary articles or journals or government public records. Wikipedia does not approve references from weak or meagre sites such as magazines, self-published articles, discussions websites, or online news portals.

–  Steps That Help To Get A Wikipedia Page Published

greta thunberg

1.  Make An Account

It is now time to have your Wikipedia page, as it can help in building an invincible identity and a staggering name online. It can help the name to go in history and an identifying rank on the search engine rank page (SERP).

The first step to start the Wikipedia journey is the ‘Create an Account. Click on create an account and register on Wikipedia. Start by logging into the Wikipedia page and following the steps.

Choose, a username, make sure the user’s name is unique in its identity. Do not go for the name of the brand. Choose a username that identifies your interest. Choose the username and select a strong password. Now, you are good to go.

not loggin

2.  Become Famous On Wikipedia

Once you clarify your Wikipedia account creation, it is now time to be an active user on Wikipedia. Begin, by adding small edits, edit the already published articles by editing and adding the relevant information. Editing helps to become familiar with how Wikipedia works, it helps to get educated with the guidelines and formatting before getting started on Wikipedia. The editing helps in becoming verified Wikipedia editors. Editing helps in building a trusted name in the Wiki community.

To help in editing you can use the talk pages. It is a discussion created by Wikipedia for the editors to have conversations and ideas about what can be done. the aim to update a Wikipedia page by editing is to become an acknowledgeable user in the community. Once, you have completed over 10 edits, Wikipedia upgrades to the autoconfirmed user. An auto-confirmed user has the privilege to add or move images.

search wikipedia

3.  Look Out For What You Are Posting

Creating content for Wikipedia is a crucial phase, it can make or break the situation. Wikipedia is a proficient platform and the content for it should also be well versed in authenticity and endorsing facts and figures. Make sure to follow the content guidelines of Wikipedia.

a.  Neutral Point Of View

The neutral point of view (NPOV) is one of the basic content creation guidelines and has its guidelines. It is defined as, the content for Wikipedia should be neutral, it should not be biased or belittle anyone else. The content should be solely based on valuable points that have weight.

b.  Verifiability

Wikipedia does not support original research; verifiability refers to the content that can be verified. The information being added to the article must contain information from verifiable sources and multiple sources. The sources need to be verified before they go into the process of editing.

c.  No Original Research

Wikipedia does not accept original content or articles. It only supports the citations or the references from secondary sources. The cited article should be taken from authentic and reliable sources. The cited information should not be altered or modified; it should remain in its original condition.

4.  Start Writing Drafts

Writing drafts and perfecting an article can help in getting a Wikipedia page published. Before writing a final draft, it is fundamental to practice writing the articles. One should already be a champion before they go into the final round. Be clear in what you are writing, the subject, the topic and content. Everything should be well put together and clear in its subject. The content should resonate with the topic.

Practice until excellence! write the draft using the Wikipedia style guideline and follow the formatting pattern. Layout a proper outline as Wikipedia does and align the content accordingly. Wikipedia has installed the article wizard and the Sandbox. One can directly write the article or take the help of the sandbox.  The writer can check out the look of the article before getting published.

wikipedia sandbox

5.  Make A Proper Outline And Format

A properly formatted and well outlined Wikipedia article looks pleasing to the eyes and makes the reader’s job easier. WP; CITE helps in writing reliable and formatted content. In Wikipedia, the article approves a proper citation. Citation helps in building a trustful bond with the reader. Wikipedia indicates that the article must be independent of the subject and should be extracted from reliable sources.

Outlining the articles helps in easily looking out for the content. When there are search sections dedicated separately it makes it easier. One does not have to read the whole article if they are willing to read the history.

6.  Get Ready And Be Prepared

After completing and practicing the article, it needs to be submitted. Before entering into the new phase, check out the discussions on the article for deletion. Make sure the content is free from conflict of interest. If the article clears the AFD and the COI, go through the article for the creation process.

Submit the article for review and be patient. It takes time for the editor to read and reply. Usually, it takes a few days for the editor to reply. The editor may reply by asking to add or delete some information. Do as the editors ask you to do!

–  The Tips To Have A High-Ranking Wikipedia Page

Remember getting on Wikipedia is not the only job to do. Make sure to keep up with the latest updates and with the modification of policies and guidelines.

  • Write an SEO-optimized article, so that it gains a visible identity on the SERP. Conduct keyword research and add them into the article where it fits the best
  • Get a handful of external links, they help in boosting up the Wikipedia page
  • Proofread the content as much as possible write a crisp and well-polished article to stand out
  • Keep a check on the article after it is published, turn on the notification to be notified about the editing being made

–  FAQ’s

 Q1) How to get a Wikipedia page published?

Answer: Well, getting a Wikipedia page published is a complex matter. it requires having a notable and reliable identity. To get on a Wikipedia page read the above steps, and follow them to break the Wikipedia code.

Q2) What kind of content Wikipedia does not approve of?

Answer: Wikipedia is a platform that is for all. It is an online collection of encyclopedias, gazettes, and general information. Wikipedia strictly prohibits biased content, religious conflicts, gender bias, or any conflicts that instigate hatred,

Q3) Can I write my own Wikipedia page content?

Answer: Yes, only if you have the skills to do it. Writing a Wikipedia page requires professional skills and techniques. A person needs to be well-versed in writing skills to ace the Wikipedia article.

Q4) What is the golden key to enter into Wikipedia?

Answer: The golden key to enter Wikipedia is the notability and the references. These two factors identify whether you are eligible to get a Wikipedia page or not. Make sure that the subject is worth the notice and it has reliable references from authentic sources guided by Wikipedia.

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