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How to Get Playlisted on Spotify

Sweden served as the country of origin for Spotify. It is a Swedish company that offers media and music streaming services under trademark. Right now, Spotify is a massive provider of music and media services that have successfully dominated the global music and media industries. 433 million regular active users—including 188 million paid subscribers—were said to be using it as of June 2022.

Significant Facts about Spotify:

  • The number of songs available on Spotify is over 82 million, and both recorded music and podcasts with copyright restrictions are available on the platform from record labels and media companies.
  • Freemium services charge for additional features like offline listening and commercial-free listening while still providing some basic features for free with ads and limited control.
  • Spotify is available in more than 180 nations since October 2021. Users can create, edit, and share playlists, and they can look for music by artist, album, or genre.

Spotify’s revenue worldwide from 2013 to 2021 (in million euros)

How to get on Spotify playlists

For artists, creating a playlist on Spotify benefits a lot as it maximizes the chance of being playlisted officially on Spotify. For this purpose, they are required to use Spotify for Artists. Creating a Spotify artist account to maintain your own playlist as an artist.

1.      Keep your sole emphasis on your most high-potential song

In the case of music videos, you as the artist should have a general idea of which of your songs will attract the most listeners and viewers. You must upload your music to other platforms in order to learn how your audience responds to your own songs.

After that, keep an eye on your audience. You could easily determine how much the public enjoys your song. Then visit Spotify and focus only on your song with the highest potential.

2.    Pay attention to metadata

It is imperative that you put the metadata at the forefront of your mind when trying to get playlisted on Spotify as an artist.

3.    Send the song in at least a week before its release.

You need to submit your music carefully while keeping in mind all of these requirements. A week before you intend to release it, try to submit it.

4.    Outside of Spotify, develop your own narrative

These days, socializing is what really counts. Creating their narratives even outside of Spotify is crucial for artists. Non-users of Spotify can learn about artists in this way. It would be simple to draw them to Spotify once they start to serve as a potential fan base for an artist.

5.    Become verified

These artists must first confirm their accounts on Spotify in order to be playlisted there. Previously, 250 followers were needed in order to become verified on Spotify. But today, Spotify has greatly facilitated the lives of artists, and there is no longer a requirement to meet in order to register as a verified user. They only have to register as an artist on Spotify.

Number of Spotify premium subscribers worldwide from 1st quarter 2015 to 2nd quarter of 2022

Types of playlists on Spotify

  • These days, Spotify playlists are widely discussed. A number of people are using Spotify as their only platform for posting and promoting their music in an effort to launch their singing careers. Because Spotify makes it easy for users to make or customize their own playlists. Let’s examine in detail the playlists that Spotify provides to its artists.

1.    Personalized playlists

  • Similar to those on YouTube, these playlists’ function. Through Spotify’s algorithm, this kind of playlist functions. The listener’s listening preferences are used by Spotify to automatically create a customized playlist. Wide-ranging in scope, personalized playlists include Discover Weekly, which helps listeners learn about new musicians and their work.
  • Release Radar: It compiles all the new releases in a single playlist. Listeners just have to open this playlist in order to get into all the new releases under a single roof.
  • Repeat Rewind: It auto-compiles the music that a listener has listened to in the past.

2.    Listener playlists

As shown by the name such playlists are created by Spotify listeners. It is simply a playlist that is created by a Spotify listener based on his personal preferences. Generally, these playlists indicate popular music. So, for artists, it would be a big accomplishment if their music is on a “listener playlist” as it indicates your music is the priority of the listener.

3.    Editorial playlists

 Editorial playlists are referred to as the most treasured ones by Spotify users. As it is made by the music experts of Spotify. Most importantly these playlists have users in millions.

A music artist can get numerous perks if his music is successfully listed on Spotify. It is not important that the playlist is diligently followed by a lot of followers or if it is solely created by keeping in view a sole listener’s taste, the important part is that the music you created can be reached out in a lot of ways.

To submit the newest music for the playlisting, “Spotify Artist” is the sole easiest and most possible approach. Pitching let the artists be heard by listeners all across the globe. However, it should be noted that any artist can get playlisted on Spotify. During 2021 top 2022 150,000 artists.

How to grow your music career through Spotify playlists

To grow a music career with maximum speed, artists are getting on the Spotify

(In millions)

1.  Think beyond playlists

As an artist, for the utmost growth you need to think beyond your Spotify playlists. No doubt Spotify is a great medium for the artist to promote their music and to connect with the new listeners. However, I order to gain the utmost success as an artist it is imperative to think beyond Spotify’s playlists. There are other features of Spotify that can be useful for the artists and are in the offing to get explored.

2.  Make your own brand

A successful artist, no matter which medium he uses for the promotion of his music or music videos it is vital to make their own brand. An artist should represent himself as a brand and let the people know his sole identity. This can be done successfully by releasing single music instead of a whole album all at once.

3.      Keep an eye on fan-following

The fan following is crucial for artists to monitor, and they must be aware of the statistics pertaining to their potential listeners and devoted fan base. But in addition to using Spotify, artists can also benefit from using other platforms to become more well-known comparable to Wikipedia. Wikipedia pages can be used by artists to increase their visibility.

Implication at the end

It’s now customary to register as an artist on Spotify. To get playlisted on Spotify, though, is the most important task. which a great number of experts have offered insightful advice based on their personal experiences The choice of direction is entirely up to the artist. The best course of action for the artists, however, is to act in a way that they believe is right for them rather than following the crowd.

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