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How To Create Wikipedia Page in SharePoint

Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in the world. It’s also free to use, which is why many people are attracted to it. The site is built on a model of “volunteer contributors” writing articles about anything they want. It has become an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The challenge is that Wikipedia does not have an article on every person or topic, so it’s up to you to create one.

What is a wiki?! A wiki is a website that allows you to add and edit content, while other users can edit your changes. The purpose of wikis is to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing by splitting up tasks among members of the community. It’s like a digital, user-editable encyclopedia.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based platform that allows you to manage and share information across your organization. It’s designed as a collaborative space where you can upload, edit, and share documents, calendars, and lists. SharePoint also includes features like instant messaging and file syncing with OneDrive.

SharePoint was first created in 2001 by Microsoft as an alternative to their earlier product called Groove. SharePoint is now used by over 100 million people every day from small businesses to large enterprises that have been using the software since its release onto the market. According to stats, around 75% of the fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint in their daily operations.

SharePoint has evolved over time, adding new features and functionality. It has become more than just a tool to store documents. Now, it’s used by organizations across all sectors to provide their employees with the technology they need to do their jobs effectively.

This is not all, you can even create a Wikipedia page in SharePoint as well. See, one of the most amazing things about SharePoint is, that you can include various applications with it. Now, using this benefit of SharePoint, you can easily add a Wikipedia page in SharePoint as well. As a business organization, you can have tremendous benefits because of creating a Wikipedia page in SharePoint as well.

From building a good brand image to creating awareness and engaging your target audience, learning how to create a Wikipedia page in SharePoint for your business organization can have many benefits. Here are a few steps, which can help you in creating a Wikipedia page in SharePoint.

Step # 1 – Make a Wikipedia Page Library

If you are using the team site to make a Wikipedia page for your business organization then all you need to do, in this first step is to explore the “settings tab” and choose the app addition option available in it. Once you are done with that, you are now supposed to enter “wiki” in the search bar of “your app” page.

After that you will see that the page will provide with you with the “wiki page library” option, which you need to click so that you can change the name and start with the creation process by clicking on the “create” option. Furthermore, you can click the share option after adding all the users you want to share this with as well, which you will find on the top right corner of your screen.

For this you will have to use the “share dialogue box”, which you will need to provide the email addresses and various details, which are needed to specify your actions. Once the users are verified by the server, the data will then be shared with them on the page. At the end of this step, don’t forget to save everything by clicking the “save” option.

Step # 2 – Make Page Template

In this step, you will be creating a template for the Wikipedia page. See, you need to click on the “site content” option and choose the “new or subsite” option, after which you will have to add the title of your page along with the name of the URL. Once done, you need to choose the “enterprise wiki” option from the templates available in the options and pick the “unique permissions” tab. After that you simply need to click on the “create” option and create groups.

Step # 3 – Make a Wikipedia Page

Moving on, now you need to start the page creation process on Wikipedia. For this, you need to visit the home page and click on the “New Page” dropdown option and choose a Wikipedia page template. After you pick out the desired Wikipedia page template, you can then start adding the content on the page’s empty space, which is meant for the content. Furthermore, do not forget to add citations and references, as each user has the right to do it as well.

Step # 4 – Making a Simple Wiki View

In this step, you need to work on creating a simple wiki view, which you can do by visiting the Wikipedia page library. Here you will discover many categories and in order for you to choose one according to your needs, you will need to use the filter option by clicking on the “view only” option. Once you apply this filter and choose the ”wiki pages” option, you will be able to see the Wikipedia pages, which are saved under this particular option.

Step 5- Adding to the Navigation

Now, this is not really a necessary step, which you need to take in order to create a Wikipedia page because your Wikipedia page process was already completed in the previous step. However, if you want to add your Wikipedia page to the navigation for easier access then you will need to click on the “new” option and choose “site page” in the drop-down panel. Once done, you will have to choose your document and click on the “publish” option, which will give you a URL on the left side of you screen, which you can find the Wikipedia page, which you have created.

Can anyone learn how to create a Wikipedia page in Sharepoint?

Yes, anyone can learn how to create a Wikipedia page in Sharepoint. There are a few steps, which you need to take in order to start and complete the page creation process in Sharepoint, which is a little different than creating a Wikipedia page otherwise.

Can anyone create a Wikipedia page?

Yes, Wikipedia is a platform, which encourages collaboration and practically runs on contributions from its members or users. Therefore yes, everyone and anyone can create a Wikipedia page, if they follow the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia in the right manner.

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