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How To Create An Artist Profile On Amazon Music

With Amazon Music for Artists app, instantly know how your fans are listening to your music. Available on web and mobile. – Amazon Music.


There was a time when a single song by Beetles would top the charts. They had an aura that fans would buy their albums and music records. It was a time when technology had not made such massive progress.

Now, as the times are changing, a lot has changed in the music industry. Now artists can use digital music platforms to make their name and entertain their music.

So, are you looking for a platform that can make you lead? Imagine if you become today’s Harry Styles or Drake? Well, for this, you can create a new profile on amazon music.

What is Apple Music?

Firstly, you need to take a look at what is the Amazon Music platform. It is an online music streaming platform introduced the Amazon. in the year 2019, they launched Amazon Music HD, a new online music streaming platform where there are about 50 million songs.

You can find the songs in high definition and ultra-high definition. It has now become a competitor of Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. You can find artists from anywhere in the world. If you are Indie song fans, there is a phenomenal list.

Do you want to create music or have your music on Amazon music? You can request or claim a profile for Amazon for Artists on Amazon.

How To Create An Artist Profile On Amazon Music


How to become an artist on amazon music? Let’s crack this question now. Amazon for Artists makes you a music where music enthusiasts and listeners can listen to different artists. It makes a profile that is properly functional and it allows undermined artists and musicians to showcase their talent.

Make A Strong Team

If you are making an Amazon Music for Artists, you can start by having three members on the team. The team of three includes Artists, managers, and labels. A manager is hired by accessing into Admin Panel. Typically, an admin plays the role of managing and overviewing analytics. The label is also taken as a viewer through viewer access only.

Teaming up is one necessary step as it focuses on the areas so the artists’ profile can grow. A profile can be promoted through social media platforms and on Amazon.

Go For an Artist Image

You can change an artist’s profile image on the platform for polishing the profile and updating it. Some steps are required to change your profile picture on Amazon Music for Artists. It is important to take care of the resolution of the image. The landscape has to be at least 3840 pixels wide, and 2880 tall. The tip is to keep the image horizontal.

Check The Insights

There is a feature on Amazon known as Source of stream, in which a stream arrives. The feature includes Stations, Amazon Playlists, and search. You can keep up and keep track of every activity taking place on your profile.

Submit The Music To Curators

The idea of throwing music never works. Musicians have to be strategic in it. You have to opt for a successful approach to make it to the charts. Your label manager can help you in this regard. A label manager is the front player of contact. it is crucial to check the performance number on your Amazon Music for Artists. Most of the artists featured are consistent fan engagement.

Use Music Distribution Gateway

You need distribution partners. The distribution partner has to be verified and credible in their business. Distributors endorse music to all the major platforms, including Amazon Music. They make sure your music sounds the best even before it is released. You can communicate with your distributor directly before the managers and the distributors.

The Way Amazon For Artists Work

Amazon is the first online music streaming platform that allows one to look into data and check on the performance with Alexa. This is one of the most needed features as the competition is high. Audiences’ various devices to discover and listen to music.

If you want to know how to create profiles on amazon music? You need to claim it first. They allow, and let you claim on accounts, images, verification, and access to see the global performance across different playlists and stations.

The Integral Features On Amazon Music For Artists

Once you claim your artist profile, you can have all the access to your analytics and metrics. Take a look at some of the things you need to learn Amazon Music for Artists.

1.  Playlists And Stations

Whenever an artist uploads their music on the platform, the music on the Amazon playlists and it appears on the artist’s dashboard. The Amazon station is similar to Spotify radio station.

2.  Stream Counts And Top Songs

If you are an artist you would want to know about the high and lows. On Amazon for Artists allows you to come into have a look into custom time frames. You can look at total streams and listeners. The platform also allows to keep up with each individual track performance.

3.  Voice Requests

Amazon for Artists has the feature of voice requests. Users can about music, lyrics, tracks, and albums. Whenever a person requests by voice, you can look at it. there is another feature daily music, it categorizes the music performance from Cool to Fire. All the results are based on Alex voice search.

4.  Fans And Superfans

You can also differentiate between and superfans. As an artist it is important for you to know who are the loyal fans. So, Amazon for Artists looks and reads through the data and classifies listeners among fans and superfans.

5.  Put Your Artists Image

  • On Amazon Music, you can change and update your Artists image. The images are usually changed to keep the fans and superfans intrigued. There are certain rules that needs to be followed for changing an image on the platform. The guidelines to follow are,
  • Choose a file either a jpeg or PNG.
  • An image has to be 5000×500 pixels.
  • The image must not be larger than 15MB.
  • Background of the image has to at least 1920 x 1440 pixels. this resolution is suggested to give the best results. the platform suggests that an artist’s face be in the upper 40% of the image.
  • Try to avoid logos, texts, and busy images.

Claim Your Artis Profile on Amazon Music Analytics App

Like other music streaming platforms, Amazon Music also offers the artists to claim their profiles. the profile can be claimed on the webpage. You can also use the tool on your phones whether they are iOS or Android. If you want to claim your artist profile, you can go through the following steps.

  • Go to the Apple or Android store and download the app.
  • log in to Amazon Music and go to the option of “Claim an Artist” on the upper right and search for your name.
  • Fill all the required information in the boxes. It is imperative to add the company. If you do not have the company or record company, you can ask your artists, and bands’ names in the field.
  • Add the name of your distributor
  • Now claim for the page.

A Look into Understanding Audience in Amazon Music

As it was mentioned earlier, Amazon for Artists have fans and super fans. those people are analyzed on four important factors.

  • Follows you in Amazon Music
  • They listen to your songs more than an average listener
  • Purchased your piece of music
  • You are added in their playlist and daily library.

Create An Artist Profile on Amazon Music to Boost Presence of Amazon Music

Every artist will like when their listener remembers their song by lyrics. It also tells how much people are inclined toward their music.  You can use some ways to build a profile on Amazon Music.

Add the lyrics of your song to the platform. Now, there are platforms that offer to add lyrics. You can also integrate the lyrics with Alexa.

You can also add your music to the playlist. Every week, Amazon updates its music list. The songs are selected on the basis of what people are listening to. Ask your fans to add your music to their playlist. It can help in indexing and coming up with the algorithms.

Get your music featured on Amazon Originals. To become a top name, if you have a recorded piece of original music,  Amazon curators can showcase you in suggestions.

In The End

Any independent artist needs a platform to showcase their voice. Amazon Music for Artists is the one platform for every upcoming artist who wants to build stature and release their music. Use it as you want, make the best music, and be updated on how your music is working.


How to claim an artist profile on amazon music?

To claim your profile on Amazon for Music, go to the official website of Amazon Music. it will lead you to the ‘Claim an Artist’ page. From there you can search for the artist’s name.

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