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How to Create a Wikipedia Profile

Wikipedia is a massive online encyclopedia that provides content in over 300 different languages. Amazed? Well, there is a lot more about it that makes it the most favorable spot for those who are craving for online recognition. It’s not just the newbies who get eager to create a profile on Wikipedia but many renowned people prefer to get on it to reach out to their audience more efficiently.

Wikipedia is an openly editable platform with over 32.5 million people actively editing the content every month. The strict policies make it the most authentic platform as it scrutinizes every content before publishing it. It might be easy to become a Wikipedia profile creator but publishing content and monitoring it regularly is a bit of a hassle, which not everybody finds amusing.

The algorithms of search engine and the Wikipedia guidelines to content creation are similar. This is the reason why the platform entertains over 1.7 billion monthly unique visitors. Publishing 600 articles every day it has rooted itself far into the markets. Now that you have planned to make a Wikipedia profile page, here is a comprehensive set of guidelines to help you.

Learn How to Make Your Own Wikipedia Profile

Are your thoughts about how to have a Wikipedia profile baffle you? Well, let’s get on the step by step guide to help you sail through the Wikipedia profile creation process.

Step #1- Navigate to The Wikipedia Website

Step 1

Open your browser and type the web address “www.wikipedia.org”. You will see a page like the one shown below:

Next is to select the language you want to choose. Once you click on your desired language, the following page will appear- A Welcome to Wikipedia Page:

Step 2

Source: Wiki- Main Page

Now there at the top right corner you can see the option “create an account”. When you click it you will be navigated to the below shown page:

Create account

Fill out your details and create an appropriate username. Set a secure password and complete the form. Save the details and your Wikipedia account is created. But this is not it, there are a lot of things involved to make a profile on Wikipedia.

Create a User Page

create user page

How do you create a Wikipedia profile without getting credible on it? You need to make some presence and gather attention to show your interest to the authorities. As you know Wikipedia is a free website it needs contribution of readers to keep the content fresh and updated.

With the help of a user page, you get to edit the content of published articles. You can check the articles and volunteer to keep the content updated with relevant and valuable information. However, there are certain aspects that you need to follow:

·         Vandalism:

The highly disregarded act on Wikipedia is Vandalism. It’s the act when a person deliberately tries to ruin the credibility of the page author. Users edit the content in an attempt to mislead the readers and threat the online presence of the already published page. Such a person gets terminated from Wikipedia as the platform regard these acts as Back Hat SEO. Back in 2015, around 381 accounts were blocked by Wikipedia due to attempting vandalism.

·         Conflict of Interest

The next most important clause in Wikipedia policies is the conflict of interest. It should be considered even creating a page of someone. When you have conflict of interest with a person or a specific phenomenon you will not be able to do justice with it. Therefore, the topics that goes against your understanding better not dig your hands in and leave it instead of ruining your own credibility.

Create a Page

The process of Wikipedia profile creation revolves around creating a page. The profile basically revolves around creating an account and having page on it. It is often termed as Wikipedia listing or Wikipedia profiling.

Step #2- Choose a Suitable Title

To create a page, you have to choose a suitable title first. Now to pick a title you must check whether its availability on Wikipedia. A Red Link Method is followed for it.

Search the subject you are planning to cover and create a title. Note that the title must sound interesting enough to garner attention. Once you have chosen your title to enter it in the search box of Requested Article. There if the red link appears it means it’s good to go and that you can compose an article.

search ras

Step #3- Carry Out a Comprehensive Research

Here comes an important step- the research work. Among the steps regarding how do you create a Wikipedia profile one of the important ones is to fill your profile with unique information. You need to provide your readers reasons to stick through your content till the very end. This is only possible if you compose it with legit and reliable information. You have to pick the information that is readable and understandable. Now for that you may even have to carry out a brief market research to understand the level of intellect of your target audience. You have to know what’s their level and how much technical and critical information they can grasp.

Step #4- The Wikipedia Policies About How To Get A Wikipedia Profile

Wikipedia allows readers from across the globe to edit and share the content which creates a need to scrutinize and monitor the quality. The most regarded aspect of the platform is its comprehensive set of guidelines and policies that every contributor is bound to follow. If you don’t, your article or profile may get rejected. Therefore, let’s check out the fundamentals of Wikipedia policies; remember that the list is vast but here we have squeezed only the most important ones.

·         The Principle of Notability

Are you notable in the eyes of Wikipedia? Wondering how do I get a Wikipedia profile when I am not even notable? Well, the Notability principle says that a person must have some online presence and recognition to enter the eligibility criteria of the platform. He must be considered worthy enough to have a page. If the platform allows even to those who have no presence, it will affect its online reach; as a lesser number of readers would prefer reading the content. Therefore, if you don’t, create a presence before getting on Wikipedia.

How to become notable?

You need the assistance of an SEO expert who can help you get on notable platforms. If you can manage to reach out to highly credible sites like Forbes or Huffington, you can gain the highest online presence. This is the secret to getting recognized on the platform. The SEO expert would also build a stable presence of yours other than getting you on these blogging sites.

·         Reliable Sources

When you research for your content make sure to consult only credible and trustable sites. You need to hunt from platforms that are renowned and authentic. You have to look for information that can engage the readers efficiently. You have to make sure that your content reaches out to a greater population of writers and that is only possible if you look from authentic sites.

In addition, your sources should be verifiable as stated in Wikipedia policies. The algorithm working on the platform scan though the information and rejects pages having false content.

·         Respect the Privacy

You must not breach someone’s privacy just to gather the attention of readers. You must not over exaggerate the context as well. Wikipedia does not allow writers to share their opinions let alone and perception or believe. Therefore, you are bound to stay neutral and unbiased. You have to speak what is true and the information that can supported with facts. instead of peppering up the content and making up things. Do not step into creating controversies with your content.

Step #5- Write The Content to Create Wikipedia Profile

To make a profile on Wikipedia you need to compose the content while following the guidelines stated above. When you set off to compose you need to keep in mind certain aspects. The content must be written in a professional tone and should be clear and precise. Apart from this, here are the essentials that you must follow:

·         Be Clear

Clarity is one most important aspect of a high ranking content. You need not to add any jargons or complicated criteria that can affect the readability of your content. Keep the content light and easy to comprehend.

·         Avoid Verbosity

Verbosity is one thing disregarded by Wikipedia. Your content should not have wordiness. Create short but informative and precise sentences that can indulge the readers and encourage them to stick till the end.

·         Formatting

The next aspect is to format your content. Here you have to make sure that you do not make big or lengthy paragraphs. Your content should look readable and easy to skim as the online readers have a short attention span they get bounced back when see such a huge content. Use bullets and short paragraphs to engage the target readers. Furthermore, ma your reader’s journey. You must know when to give what aspect of the information. You have to keep a check on the flow of your content.

·         Avoid Promotional Content

Plagiarism is strictly not allowed in Wikipedia. When you learn about how to create a profile in Wikipedia you will find out that content having plagiarism get quickly and instantly deleted and rejected. Therefore, avoid creating such a content. Instead write from scratch. Your content should be well versed and interesting.

Step #6- Optimize Your Content

There are two kinds of search engine optimization involved- the on-page SEO and the off-page. So, the on-page SEO revolves around content quality and its formatting which you have already learnt now it’s time to pay attention to some off-page SEO.

Wikipedia does not allow the do-follow links to add which holds worth in the search engine. But if you want to share the link to any of your site and wondering how to do it, you can optimize your Wikipedia blog as it has a boomerang effect on it. There is an external link section on the platform where you can the links to your blogs. It will not only back up your Wiki page but will help you gain more recognition for your blog post as well.

optimize your content

Step #7- Add Citation

The next aspect is to add the citation in your content. On every Wikipedia page, you will find a separate section of citation where the links to the information are added in a respective citation style. You can check the approved citation formats in the Wikipedia policies. Mostly Harvard style of referencing is used to cite but you can pick the other styles as well. Citation holds immense significance and plays an important in getting a page approved. Through citation you tend to show readers who properly researched your content is and it gives them a window to gather more information.

Step #8- Proofread Your Content

Before you head to publish your article you need to check its quality. You must know the loopholes and find out the flaws that can ruin the credibility of your content. You can use a tool like Grammarly to improvise the quality. With the help of software and writing tools you can fine tune your content. Its significant to proofread the content as it makes it easier to get your profile created. Among the tricks concerning how to make a Wikipedia profile you will find out how important it is to recheck the content before submission. You must check whether you have followed all the Wikipedia policies or not.

Step #9- Submit Your Wikipedia Profile for Review

So, finally, it’s time to learn about how to add a profile on Wikipedia through submission. You have to gear up as its time to hit the paddle. You have your page content, all the formatting is done, the content is right according to the policies, it’s just the time for the submission. Now here you have to go to your Wikipedia account and there you will find a tab “create a page” on the right side. Click on it and in the page uploading form attach your file with the relevant visuals and the citation separately down below. Once everything is set click to proceed.

Step #10- Profile Approval

It may take around 3 to 6 months for your profile to get approved by Wikipedia editors. The officials pay attention to every little detail and check the information thoroughly before approving the content. In case if they come across a mistake they send the content back for revision. Upon discovering a huge flaw, the content is straight away rejected. Once they have approved your profile you will be emailed a live link to check.

Who can create a profile on Wikipedia?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia profile provided that the person of whom the content is about should be credible and notable in the search engine. In case of he is not, try building up his online recognition before creating an account on Wikipedia.

How to edit a Wikipedia profile easily?

The page owners have a separate dashboard on Wikipedia where they can check their published articles. You can check the reviews readers left for you and make the necessary edits. Apart from this, you can even use your user page to go to the articles of other writers and edit their flaws.

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