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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author

Every author wishes to become the bestseller and get recognized both locally and internationally. But the struggle to reach the goal is not only fierce but has many potholes. As the online market gets saturated with uncountable rivals surfacing the industry, you need to roll up some promising strategies up your sleeves that can make your journey progressive.

To win the online battle getting up on Wikipedia comes as the best strategy. Do you wonder why? Here are some facts to know the reach and significance of being on the platform.

Wikipedia, an openly editable site, offers a massive library of well-versed articles and biographies. The platform accounts for attracts over 1.7 billion unique visitors every month with over 55 million articles. Not only this, Wikipedia publishes content in over 300 different languages which highlight its unimaginable online reach. The count of contributors on Wikipedia reaches to 148,305.

Are you amused to find it so valuable and significant for your growth as an author online? If so, learn about the procedure to create a page on Wikipedia.

Steps About How To Create a Wikipedia Page For An Author

Here is a descriptive guide to help writers create a Wikipedia page for an author which requires time and a strict adherence to the Wikipedia guidelines. So, read on to follow through.

Step #1- Create An Account For The Author

Create An Account For The Author

First, you have to create an account for the author on Wikipedia. For that, go to Wikipedia.org and on the top right corner click to “create an account”. You may even have to select the language you want to proceed with. So, in the account creation form add an appropriate username and set a strong password.

You have to index the right information and even have to proceed to create a user page. To become able to contribute to Wikipedia, writers need a user page that shows their contribution to the platform which helps in increasing their credibility as well. So, even if your intention is to create an author’s page you must first get involved in contributing to the platform by editing the published articles.

Step #2- Read The Wikipedia Guidelines and Policies

Before you begin writing down your Wikipedia page you first need to go through Wikipedia guidelines and policies to create a page for an author.  The platform pays strict emphasis on every writer to carefully follow each one of its guidelines to get the page approved. So, here are the important points extracted from the long list of policies.

The Principle of Notability

You first need to know if the author you are writing about is notable or not. As per the notability guidelines, the author should have some online recognition. He or she must be valuable enough to attract readers making them stay on the page for longer. He should verifiable. In case if you are not eligible to have a Wikipedia page you must follow the below mentioned tricks to gain recognition online.

·         Consult an SEO Expert

You have to get in touch with the SEO expert who can build up your online reputation. The professionals know ways to create an online presence of a person and let them gain an enhanced online recognition.

·         Get on Highly Credible Platforms

If you have been covered on highly credible platforms like Forbes or The New York Times, consider yourself lucky enough to get on Wikipedia in no time.

The Writing Style

The next aspect is the writing style approved by Wikipedia to follow. Here you have to make sure that your content has a clarity of meaning. Its message should be clear and the content should be non-promotional. You must avoid adding biased or argumentative information in your content.

Researched Material

The information should be extracted from credible and reliable platforms. All of the references should be easy to verify. The facts and stats you put in your content should be legit and trustable. You need to be aware of the credibility and worth of the site you are referencing from.

Avoid Vandalism

You must avoid vandalism as it is disregarded by the platform in every way. Those who get involved get blocked from accessing thier accounts forever. It’s an act when an editor or writer tries to defame the published authors by posting irrelevant and untrue information about them.

Step #3- Check the Uniqueness

You should check the author you are about to cover is unique on the Wikipedia platform. Now to check that go to the Requested Article search box and enter the name.

Check the Uniqueness

To understand how the search box works you have to know the two methods- Red Link and Blue Link methods. Upon entering the name if a red link appears that means the author is unique and you can write about him or her and if the blue link appears that shows the author already has a page.

Step #4- Research The Information About The Author

Now that your author is eligible and unique to have a page on Wikipedia you must get on researching about him or her. You need to gather the most reliable information from reputable and credible sites. You should stay comprehensive with your description and state facts to add more weightage in your content.

Step #5- Write The Page For An Author

Now here comes the important step- the page writing for an author. The content of your page should be easy to understand. It should not have verbosity. You must not defame the integrity nor disrespect the person. There must be any conflict of interest with the subject you are about to cover as you may not be able to do good with it. The stated information should be in a neutral tone and there must be no personal opinions. You have to note that you are delivering information not advertising or talking high about the person.

Step #6- The SEO Optimization

Getting on Wikipedia is not just limited to composing good quality content but to know the right SEO tactics as well. Your content should be completely optimized with the keyphrases. There must be elements that can increase its performance in the search engine. The Wikipedia policies show greater similarity with the guidelines of search engines. In this way, the published article attains a leading position on the web. Therefore, follow all the SEO techniques to yield better results.

If you are anxious about the non-promotional aspects what you can do is add the links to your author’s site in the external link section. Wikipedia does not allow the do-follow links which help in making it’s content worthy online. However, the external link section is there to let you add the sites you want your audience to navigate.

Step #7- Format Your Content

The next step is to properly format your content. Here as well you need to follow proper SEO guidelines. You must know the right way to organize your content to make it readable. Keep the length of your paragraphs up to 4- 5 lines at maximum. Use subheadings to define the information. Make the content easy to skim as the online readers have the shortest attention span. Use proper formatting tools and do not forget to add visuals to your content. Relevant images will help steer traffic to your page.

Step #8- Add Citation

Add proper citation in your content. In the Wikipedia guidelines, indexing references is a must to have thing. You need to recheck that every link is reliable and verifiable. You can find the right citation formats in the Wikipedia guidelines. The most commonly used citation format is Harvard Style.

Step #9- Proofread

You must go through your content to check the writing mistakes. You can use advanced tools to check for grammar error. You must be very conscious about the sentence structures and check if the content has any typing errors. It’s important to look for mistakes because if the official editors come across any flaw, they will reject your content and put a mark on the credibility.

Step #10- Submit Your Page For Approval

You need to submit your article to get it approved and to do that you have to go to your account and click the “create a page” button on the left side. It may take up to 3- 4 months to get the approval. Once your article gets published you will get a link to view it.

Wrap Up

So, this was the descriptive guide to know the right procedure to publish a page on Wikipedia for an author. However, getting approval is not the only thing you will have to manage your submission as well. You will have to monitor the page reviews readers to post to keep your content updated.

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