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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Actor

The exponential growth of Wikipedia has resulted in this virtual encyclopedia to grow beyond people’s imagination. With more than 6.2 million articles uploaded up till now, this number will soon cross 7 million in the coming days. According to Wikipedia itself, around 17000 articles are published on this website in a span of one month. The figure being much higher in the past, it can be observed that there has been a gradual decrease in the number of articles being uploaded on Wikipedia.

Why do you think there has been a decrease in the number of articles uploaded per month? One cannot say that there has been a decrease in the number of topics to be covered, right? There is still the whole world and everything in it, which can be covered. So, what is it? Why has the number fallen so low?

Apparently, one of the major reasons for this huge fall has been the huge number of beginners, who are now in this to make money. See, this platform is open for everyone. Anyone can contribute information in the form of pages and articles on this virtual encyclopedia. Everyone can edit the information on these pages. Wikipedia allows everyone to contribute. However, to maintain the standard of information being provided by this platform, Wikipedia has some guidelines and policies, which every page creator needs to follow. Since most beginners are not familiar with these guidelines and policies; it is safe to assume that their wikis do not get the approval of the platform.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

According to the main heading, this piece is focused mainly about how you can create a Wikipedia page for an actor. However, if you do not know the basic process of creating the page itself, then you will never be able to follow the steps, which you need to take in order to create a Wikipedia page for an actor. Therefore, you must first learn the basics of page creation.

According to Wikipedia, every page or article, which you see on this platform, can only be made if it doesn’t exist on the platform already. If a page doesn’t exist on the online encyclopedia then it will be shown to you in the form of a red-link. There are four methods for creating a page on this online encyclopedia to find the red-link if it is not already shown to you. SO, if you want to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor then you must first learn how to use these red-link methods to create a page.

Method # 1 – Use the Search Bar

One of the most common ways to search for a page or article on Wikipedia is to search for it. Now, you can also use this search bar for creating a page as well. Let us suppose, you want to create a page about an actor. Therefore, you will write your page title in the search field and if the page does not exist on the platform then the platform will reflect it by showing a red link on the page. Once you see the red link, you simply have to click on it and it will take you to a blank page, where you can use the “Publish changes” option to create a page about an actor.

Method # 2 – Use the Preview Method

The preview method is quite simple. All you need to do is to choose the edit option on a page that is accessible and surround the page title you want in double brackets. After that, you need to opt for the “Show preview” button and once done the red link will appear. All that is left is to click on the red link then.

Method # 3 – Red Link Saving Method

You can always save a red link on your user talk page or user page. Whenever you want to create a page, you simply have to visit the user talk page and repeat the surrounding the desired page title with double brackets exercise again. However, this method will require you to go for the “Publish Changes” method instead. Once done with that, the red link will appear and then you can simply click it.

Method # 4 – Edit the URL Method

One of the simplest methods is to edit the page title, which appears in the URL in your address field. After changing the page title to your desired page title, you simply need to hit the enter key and you will land on the same page, which you would have landed if you would have clicked on the red link.

Steps You Need to Follow to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Actor

Now that you understand how to create a page on Wikipedia, you can move forward with the process as well. Now you need to compose everything. In order for you to compose a Wikipedia page for an actor, which has a high chance of approval, you will need to follow the steps below:

·         Create an Account

·         Page Title Selection

·         Collect Information about the Actor

·         Write about the Actor

·         Thoroughly Check & Submit Your Page

Step # 1 – Create an Account

So, do you want to create a Wikipedia page about an actor? Well, it all starts with this step here. Remember, you are not required to create an account on Wikipedia. However, there are many benefits for creating an account on this virtual encyclopedia, if you want to be a page creator or an editor. Creating an account on Wikipedia will allow to build and maintain a reputation about yourself, as an editor and page creator.

You can also communicate with other users, after creating an account because every registered wiki user can make use of a user talk page to stay in touch with all the other users on the platform. Furthermore, access to edit protected pages is provided only if you are a registered user and have made a certain number of edits. With an account on the virtual encyclopedia, you can also use it to make use of advanced editing tools, which only registered users can use.

Moreover, the creation process is quite easy. It simply requires a person to visit Wikipedia and go for the “Create Account” button, which is placed in the upper right corner of the page. Once you click on it, you will then need to provide Wikipedia with the information it requires. Overall, it is a very simple and easy process, which anyone can easily do.

Step # 2 – Page Title Selection

Before you choose to create a Wikipedia page for an actor, you must ensure that the actor falls within the notability criteria of the virtual encyclopedia. Wikipedia does not cover any topics, which are not notable. If the actor you have chosen, has acquired adequate and significant consideration from the world and if your page title does not fall beyond the scope of the platform, then your page title will certainly be deemed worthy enough for the virtual encyclopedia.

However, you must keep in mind that the notability standards of Wikipedia do not apply to the contents of your wiki page or article. They are only concerned with the title of your wiki article or page and determine whether a certain page or article title merits its own, separate page on the platform.

Step # 3 – Collect Information about the Actor

No surprise here, you will need to collect information about the actor you are creating the page on. You will be required to conduct thorough research on the actor and everything they did throughout their life. You will also be required to provide information about their personal and professional life and all the achievements they have ever had.

However, there is something significant about researching for a Wikipedia page, which you should know. Wikipedia does not allow original research on the page or the platform. Whatever information you are providing on the page must have a reliable source and readers should be able to verify the information easily if they want to.

Step # 4 – Write About the Actor

In the fourth step, you need to write about the actor in your article or page. Now, you need to ensure that all the content is written and presented according to the guidelines and policies of the platform. According to the core content policies of Wikipedia, your content needs to have a neutral point of view and needs to be verifiable.

These core content policies are designed in such a manner, that they uphold the quality standards of the information provided on this virtual encyclopedia. After all, if the information on the page is not reliable and authentic then what is the use of such information? Wikipedia takes pride in its ability to deliver authentic, high quality and thoroughly researched information.

Everything you write on your page must be based on facts and you must not be biased in any way. You must ensure that the readers can easily verify the information from the source. This is why it is highly recommended to provide references and make use of citations as much as possible. They ensure the verifiability and reliability of your content.

Step # 5 – Thoroughly Check & Submit Your Page

After completing this step, all that is left is for you to submit your page for the final review and screening of your page. This is done by the official Wikipedians. Now, it is only logical to check your page or article thoroughly before you submit it for the final screening. It is better to check and correct the errors and mistakes yourself rather than getting your wiki page rejected because of them. Therefore, thoroughly scrutinize your pages before you submit them. Once submitted, it will be out of your hands.

Can anyone create a Wikipedia page?

The purpose of Wikipedia is to provide reliable information to people and they have made this platform in a manner, which uses people to update, edit and provide information by creating and editing pages. As far as, who can create a page or article on Wikipedia is concerned, then you should understand that every person on this planet, who has access to a computer device and the internet, could create and edit pages and articles on Wikipedia. There are no charges or licenses required for it.

Is it necessary to carry out thorough research to create a Wikipedia page for an actor?

In fact, carrying out thorough research is of vital importance, if you want to create a Wikipedia page for an actor or on any other topic for that matter. Without research, the content of the page or article does not have reliability and verifiability, both of which are essential elements for the information provided on the platform.