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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Yourself

Creating a Wikipedia page for yourself sounds like a great idea. However, getting there is no easy task.

Sitting at number 13 in the top websites in the world today, Wikipedia has become one of the most recognised entities in the online world over the course of the past two decades. Established in 2001, Wikipedia has often flirted with that number one position as well. The largest encyclopaedia on earth features 7 million articles in English and millions in various other languages.

However, we are not here to talk about stats or the role of Wikipedia in marketing. We are here to discuss the possibility of a person making a page about themselves on it. Including matters such as If it is possible and if there are any particular reasons, one should refrain from it. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Things You Are Going To Need To Know

First things first, we know what Wikipedia is, right? It is an encyclopaedia, which is Wikipedia’s own words holds the purpose of “acting as a free widely accessible encyclopaedia. However, Wikipedia itself states that it is not a soapbox or means of promotion. Which means that it does not endorse any sort of “advocacy, propaganda or recruitment”. It includes all categories such as sports, national, religious, scientific, political or commercial. So, if your idea is to use Wikipedia to push any of those agendas, throw them out of the window, because after this lengthy process, you will be disappointed.

Not only because Wikipedia itself does not endorse marketing, but it clearly lays out a myriad of things that it is not. What are they? It is not a blog, social media network or a memorial site. Which means that while Wikipedians have their own user pages\accounts, they cannot use it for personal purposes. Bear in mind that an editor on Wikipedia is only required for adding, editing or altering information. So, you need to know that when you become an editor(further information below) you need to make sure you follow these rules and study them well. Not only that, you are going to need to follow a plethora of other guidelines about the content, policies, page creation, et cetera.

How You Are Going To Do It

Now, without further delay, we should get into the actual page creation. However, bear in mind that some of these steps require a lot of attention to details, as they comprise of intricate steps. Moreover, there are myriad of policies and guidelines for each one of them. So, we will address some of them later. But for now, let us get on with the creation process.

1.    Set Up An Account

The first step is going to be the easiest of them all, as you only have a few steps in order to create an account. However, Wikipedia warrants that you use an anonymous or pseudo name. Because not only will it be publicly available, but also other Wikipedia users will be able to see it. So, if that is something you wish to avoid, make sure you follow the advice.

2.    Become A Credible Editor

Then you are going to need to become a credible editor. By credible, it means that you need to edit information on existing pages that is not only verifiable but also necessary. Wikipedia splits the editing types into two major ones: major and minor edits. However, if you are unsure about pages to edit or cannot find any, then Wikipedia itself provides a list of articles that need editing. You need to make sure the information you edit is verifiable and preferably come with a source to back it up. Therefore, pick the ones that you have an idea about.

3.    Create Your Article

Once you edit a couple of pages, you become a viable editor. In other words, your credibility goes up and you can request articles to make on Wikipedia. The process itself begins with the search for an existing article. However, by this point, you will realize that things have begun to get trickier. Not only because the stricter guidelines and policies come into play, but if you have any sort of recognition, then you might find a page or pages already in existence. While that is not a bad thing, as all you will have to do is edit those pages with your information. However, you need to make sure you take each step in accordance with the guidelines.

4.    Add Content

Speaking of the guidelines, your content needs to be up to mark in order for it to make it past the approval phase. This step will lead you to Article Wizard, where you will add content. Now, various pages have different formats. To learn more about creating your own article, visit this page from Wikipedia. However, the lead section content adding is relatively easy. Yet, there is one other important thing at hand here, which is to ensure the quality and integrity of your content. While we will dig into content guidelines later, bear in mind that you cannot use opinionated or biased tones in any of it.

5.    Cite The Sources

There are various sorts of citations on Wikipedia. One of them is the full citation, where a line basically just guide the reader where the information originated. Then there are short citations, inline citations, in-text attribution and a general reference. That is why you need to make sure you get your source format right.

6.    Await Approval

After you submit your draft, you need to await approval. Now, it is not a simple matter of approval or rejection, but your article can be rejected only so many times. So, you need to make sure you get it right the first time.

7.    Changes & Amendments

So consider this, if your page has problems and content is not up to the mark, you will have to make edits on it. That is why you need to change and amend the content or formatting causing problems. Once done, you can resubmit and await approval once more.

What You Should Do Beforehand

There it is people, the process to understand how do you create a Wikipedia page for yourself. It was quite easy, wasn’t it? Well, not even close because there are important matters that we still need to discuss. So, first things first, you should get the thought of making your page out of your head if you are not notable, noteworthy or noticeable. But let us dig in deeper.

·         Fame & Recognition

Two of the main things to understand how to make a Wikipedia page for yourself include fame and recognition. So, the elements that warrant the creation of a wiki page for a person are whether or not they are worth the space on Wikipedia. Wikipedia states clearly that people are notable when they are mentioned in biographies, such as awards or rewards for their contribution to their industry. So, if you are holding such accomplishments, you should move on to the next step. If not, you will have to work on this part a bit more.

If your site is related to medical topics, then you need to carefully monitor the accuracy of information about the action of drugs, you can check your information with a reliable website.

·         Resources

So, if you are notable in your particular niche or industry, then you need to make sure you have enough viable sources to cite in your page creation process. Including mentions in local newspapers, media outlets or recognized sources of information.

·         Understanding Guidelines & Policies

There are various guidelines and policies that Wikipedia presents. While you do not need to go through all of them, make sure you understand the content guidelines and policies regarding pages for people.

Why You Should Study The Guidelines First

Some questions still might be lingering in your mind. That when so many guides and videos exist about Wikipedia guidelines, why should you study them yourself? One of the main things is that wiki guidelines are subject to change at any moment. So, anything you find online that specifies each step, might be changed tomorrow. Which is why it is imperative that you follow the guidelines on the time that you read this. However, there are certainly more reasons, so let us have a look at them.

·         It Will Help Build Resources

As you go through the guidelines, you will understand that Wikipedia requires sources that back up your claim to fame. Now, while you can always work on them as you go, being prepared ahead of time gives you a certain edge. Because not only are there various resources types, as mentioned above, there are various ways of mentioning them as well.

·         Helps Understand The Creation Process

One of the top things you need when you learn how to create a Wikipedia page for yourself is patience. Now, going through the guidelines gives you an idea that making Wiki pages is not an overnight matter, nor are there any shortcuts to them. So, going through the guidelines will help you comprehend the true nature of Wikipedia page creation.

·         Assistance With Future Editing & Monitoring

As there are guidelines for fresh page creation, there are guidelines for editing and changing existing pages too. Which is why, when you learn and go through various types of guidelines and policies, you learn how to go about them. Not only does it help you make pages, but also future-proofs your approach in a way. How is that? Because understanding editing and revision guidelines will aid you to make changes accordingly. Moreover, it will assist with monitoring your page, so that no unnecessary changes are made.

Things You Should Avoid

While there are many things you should avoid, there are some certain ones that you should refrain from at all costs. What are they?

·         Not Understanding The Process First

Once again, we expound on the necessity of understanding rules set by the largest encyclopaedia around today. To make sure the process goes smoothly, avoid going on with the procedure without understanding the guidelines first.

·         Bogus Claims Of Achievements

The one thing that will not only get your page rejected, but might also get you banned from being mentioned from Wikipedia ever again is to claim some things that you are not, or haven’t done. So, always refrain from exaggerating or overstating your endeavours.

·         Citing Unreliable Sources

Last but not the least, never cite a resource that is not reliable. Including a privately owned blog, unrecognized book, newspaper etc. It will jeopardize the whole process.

Then, Why Should You Make A Wikipedia Page For Yourself?

In order to correctly comprehend how to create a Wikipedia article about yourself, it is imperative to understand all was mentioned above. However, if it has all that hassle, why should you bother? Well, to answer that question, let us list a few benefits.

·         Unmatched Online Recognition

One of the key benefits of making a Wiki page is that it helps you develop unmatched recognition in the online world. Not only because it is a reliable source of information, but also because being on it gives you a certain edge over your competitors.

·         SEO Benefits

Anyone who looks for you on the internet will easily find you. Why is that? Because Wikipedia is usually one of the top search results. So, if your name or anything related to you is searched, your name will appear as the first choice.

·         Increase Organic Traffic

A mention of your website or any other online presence on Wikipedia will mean it draws more organic traffic.

Will it take long to make a page about myself Wikipedia?

There are various steps and necessary phases of a page’s creation for yourself. So, you can expect it to take around 4-6 weeks at the very least.

Is it necessary to become a credible editor before you make a Wikipedia page for yourself?

Yes, it is because Wikipedia verifies users once they edit viable information and only then can they ask for article creations.

How can you ensure notability when you create a wiki page for yourself?

Make sure you have enough outside sources to back up your claim of being notable before you make a page for yourself.

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