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How to Become a Public Figure on Google in 2023

Google’s fame cannot be denied. Above 70% of search needs all across the globe are fulfilled by Google. It is a fact that whenever any individual wants to gain information about whatsoever, he chooses Google habitually instead of other search engines, all because of its popularity, trust factor, and the benefits it provides.

Google’s popularity is undeniable. Lately, in January 2022, Google sites were classified first amid the record number of visited multi-platform web properties in the USA. It is dominating the market without any doubt. Though, its popularity is not new. It is ruling for a decade. In 2012, Google was the most used search engine.


The above stats are taken from Statista that are showcasing the popularity of Google even a decade ago.

There are a few reasons why people have firm trust in Google. Let’s have a look at why people use Google frequently:

1. Rapid Speed

It provides search results at a rapid speed in comparison to other search engines.

2. More choices

Google provides a bundle of sites in its index on a single subject.

3. Latest Insights

Deliver the latest news, stats, facts, and figures that help in staying up to date.

4. Relevant Results

Google is efficient in providing more relevant results as compared to other search engines.

5. Accurate Knowledge

Google’s algorithm is far better than the others. It helps in acquiring accurate knowledge that the user needs.

All the above reasons are mentioned to showcase why people use Google frequently. This platform can provide countless benefits to those who are in dire need of gaining popularity all across the globe.

Why Google is the Best Platform to Become Famous?

As Google is used by more than 70 percent of the global population, so it is obvious that the sites that are showing up as search results on Google are more likely to be visited. So, if the sites are gaining the most visitors by being in Google’s search results, it is obvious that the content available on those sites will be more noticeable.


In order to attain the numerous perks that the platform is following, it is required to become known on Google’s platform. For those who want to become famous/public figures on Google, an instant way is to create “People cards on Google search”.


That is one of the smartest and most efficient ways of acquiring notability on Google. As the website creation is a bit time taking and needs professional assistance, Google’s people card can be created by anyone who has internet literacy.

Create your People Card on Google and Become a Public Figure.

To become a public figure on Google, one must be aware of Google’s people card. People card is a simple and easy feature introduced by Google for those who want to become a public figure on Google. The “people card” simply lets the individuals include themselves in Google search results.

“People card on Google” really helps those who want to build their presence on Google. Let’s have a look at what perks you can get right after the creation of your people card on Google.

Become famous

Once you add yourself to Google search, you will become famous. Whenever any individual searches for your name on Google and for people having similar names to yours, they will be seeing your people card on the Google search results.

Let the people know you

Becoming a public figure, is not rocket science in this time of technology and advancement, as Google has introduced the easiest way too. People card assists a lot in this domain. On this card, you can add your personal and professional information and other details. So, whenever anyone searches for your name on Google, those details about you will be sighted by him. That’s how you can easily come into the spotlight.

Improves Credibility

In case you are an influencer, entrepreneur, or freelancer, then you need to keep in mind that nothing can help you to gain the utmost notability than having Google’s people card. It helps in improving credibility. Basically, it is specially designed for those individuals who are in dire need to become noticeable.

Introduce your business

For Entrepreneurs and freelancers, having a Google’s people card is really very advantageous, if and only if they are aware of how to make the most of it. Newbie business owners can efficiently utilize it in order to introduce their business in their region and even all across the globe.

Virtual Visiting Card

It is a kind of virtual visiting card where a user can get all the useful information about you in a single place. Whenever he searches your name, the card will appear which entails your basic info along with personal info and a proper call to action of how they can reach you. Apart from these details, you can add anything that you like to add.

What should be added to your People Card

  • Your name
  • An image
  • Business/company name
  • Your designation
  • Website link
  • Links to social profiles
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Summary
  • Profession

How to Create Google People Card: 10 Easy Steps

To create people card, in order to become a public figure on Google, you will be required to follow a few easy steps. By following them anyone can get his desired people card. Let’s have a look what are those 10 easy steps.


People Card on Google

Create a Google Account

To make a Google card, first, you should have a Google account. In case you have zero information about Google account creation then have a look at the account creation guidelines proposed by Google.

Search your Name on Google

Once you have a Google account, after logging in, search for yourself on Google. You can either directly enter your name on the search bar or even type “add me to google” or “edit my people card”.

Click on the Get Started

After getting the search results, you will have the option by which you can add yourself to Google. You will see a “Get started” button at the top. Click that to continue.

Fill the form

Once you click on Get Started, a form will appear that will ask you to add your basic information or biodata.

Add a Profile Image 

After adding basic information, the next thing is to add a profile image that represents you.

Add a Description

Let the people know you and your thoughts by adding a proper description at your Google People Card.

Add Social media details

After adding a description, add the details of your social media accounts, where people can follow you

Add call to action

If you think it is appropriate to add your contact details and you want people to reach you then add phone or email address too.

Preview card

As of now, if you have successfully included the above-mentioned things then, click on the “preview” option to see what your card will look like.

Final Submission

In case you are fully satisfied with the card “preview” then submit your card for its creation.

Guidelines for your people card

To get a successful Google people card it is important to follow a few specific guidelines to avoid any hassle.

Without further Ado, lets have a. Look what are those guidelines.

You need to assist those who want to create their people card with ease. Your primary focus should be on the things that help you in making prominent when audience search about you on Google.

  • It is necessary to only add useful information about yourself and refrain from exaggeration
  • In case Google find any ambiguity in the information you provided, then your card will get removed.
  • If you add information that is not about you and doesn’t defines you who you are then the card will get removed.
  • To learn about the possible violations you need to go through the user content policies.
  • Try creating your people card with suggestions for fields for instance; hometown or profession. In case nothing fits then you have the choice to add free text as you like.
  • In order to stay longer on Google you need to keep your information updated and verified. In case you don’t do such efforts then the Google will remove the card.
  • As per the Google’s policy, in case they find any content that breach it’s policies and conditions, they will ask to change it. To change it, there will be a message on your card along with the steps on how to change the content. You can also challenge this decision.

What is another platform that helps in becoming public figure?

Apart from the creation of Google card, another medium that helps alot in becoming the public figure by using online means is a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia assist in gaining online recognition and notability. The thing that matters the most is that it is an open source platform that allows individuals to contribute voluntarily without any hassle.


Becoming recognizable and gaining notability is not a difficult thing in this era. All you need to do is to make the most of such mediums that help you in accomplishing your goals. Focus on the details and those hacks that let you win the competition. Never settle for less. To gain the utmost successful try exploring new options too.

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