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How To Be Included In Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that allows every person to create notable and informative content. Almost 18 billion visitors visit Wikipedia every month. And, it becomes the 13th most viewed and visited site as per the top sites rating on Alexa. However, Wikipedia is recognized as the most powerful tool to get trustworthy information. It even pops up in the top search results of Google.

Furthermore, Wikipedia is one of the largest encyclopedias around the world. Allowing individuals to build their online position, it helps to secure a competitive edge. Nowadays, most people are tempted about how to be in Wikipedia in order to build a unique entity. For those who are thinking about how to be included in Wikipedia and want to make an account, then this comprehensive guide can help you.

9 Easy Steps To Create A Wikipedia Page

If you make a Wikipedia page and wonder how can I be in Wikipedia, so don’t need to worry. Here you will read the detailed Wikipedia page creation process.

So, without further ado, let’s start your page creation journey!

1. Create your Wikipedia Account

If you want to know how to be in Wikipedia, the very first thing is to register your account. Many of us think the account registration process and page creation process are the same, but both of them are entirely different from each other. The reason to create an account on Wikipedia is, you are eligible to perform further activities such as edits.

However, the account creation process is pretty simple. Just follow the steps discussed below;

  • Open the Wikipedia homepage
  • Select your language mainly English

Select your language mainly English

  • Click the “create account “option available on the top right corner of your screen

create account

  • The account registration form appears on your screen
  • Fill the form with relevant knowledge
  • Make sure you add an email to get a confirmation link
  • Click on the link for account confirmation
  • Open your Wikipedia page again and log into your account

log into your account

2. Build Positive Image

When your account is created, you have entered the Wikipedia world. So, the next phase is to show that you exist on Wikipedia before creating your article. It means you need to do several edits to build your positive reputation. Those who want to prove that they are legitimate and valid should do editing on the existing pages. But, make sure you choose those pages that need serious changes with authentic and reliable citations. Keep in mind the more genuine edits you do, then there is more chance to get your page approved by Wiki authorities.

3. Research about your topic

It’s now the most important step to be started that is page creation. The most imperative thing that you should consider for this is a unique title. As Wikipedia takes strict actions against copying and plagiarizing content, so you have to be very careful with your title. So, when you choose your article make sure it should be unique and exclusive.

However, to ensure the feasibility of your article, you need to check the red link and blue links. You only need to enter your topic name on the search box, if it appears in the red color, it means you are allowed to write on that topic.


If your topic appears in the blue color, it means the topic you are going to discuss is already exists on Wikipedia.


4. Ask for the page

Once you have identified that your article is unique, the next step is to choose the “ask for the page to be created” option. This option appears beside the red link option. Now, you are ready to create an article under the Wikipedia content creation guidelines. In which, they mentioned avoiding adding any promotional and content. And must adhere to other Wikipedia policies such as neutral point of view and conflict of interest.

5. Create an article on sandbox & article wizard

article wizard

On the ask for the page, where you find certain Wikipedia guidelines, you also see the option of Article Wizard. You can click on that option that leads you to another screen where you can post the content. You can even do practicing on Sandbox.

6. Add reliable citations

Your article should be cited to show that your content is legitimate and authentic. When you are adding the sources in your content make sure they are properly cited. On Wikipedia, there are different sorts of citations, so make sure you are do referencing in the right ways.

7. Submit your page for review

It is now the time to review your content and remove the content redundancy and vulnerability. So, proofreading and reviewing help to fix your loopholes efficiently.

8. Wait for article approval

At last, you need to submit the content to wiki authorities and wait for the approval. This process is quite a time taking. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 months on average. Once you get verified, you are allowed to publish your article.

Standards To Create Good Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia sets certain article creation guidelines that every individual needs to follow. Currently, there are 6,406,687 articles are published on Wikipedia, but only 35,292 are written off as good articles. If you are thinking about how to create a good article on Wikipedia, so the process is pretty simple and straightforward. A good article criterion follows 6 standards that discussed below;

  • Well-Written

The first thing for good article creation is to be clear and concise in your content. Also, ensure that the information you added is understandable to your audience. The meaning of every sentence or paragraph is perfectly structured and free from grammar errors. Make sure it does not create any confusion in the mind of readers.

  • No Original research

Another most crucial thing about Wikipedia article creation is to check the verifiability and accuracy of your content. The very first rule for good article creation is to do not add any original research. On Wikipedia, the phrase original research means adding such facts and figures for which no published source exists. Make sure your article contains inline citations that include direct quotations, published opinions, statistics, etc.

  • Extensive coverage

The best Wikipedia article is the one that must have some scope and aim for creating it. That simply means your article has some main aspects and perfectly addressed the exact information you want to discuss in it. Never try any unnecessary detail, make sure you follow the summary style to make a good article.

  • Neutral tone

Wikipedia strictly prohibits such content that contains any biased and promotional tone. There is a list of guidelines that is essential to follow in the article creation process, whether it is a featured article or a good article. While creating your article, make sure you represent it fairly with a significant point of view and do not create any kind of controversy.

  • Check its stability

As per Wikipedia, the important footnote is “Vandalism reversions”. On Wikipedia, vandalism is strictly prohibited. To improve the content stability, do not change the information day-to-day to create content disputes.

  • Correctly Illustrated

Correctly Illustrated

Bear in mind that to make a good article make sure it does not stand alone (without images, videos, and sound). It means you just need to add at least one suitable image or any other media. If you do not find a reliable image that is tagged with copyright statutes and suitable captions, you can check commons for images.

 6 Things To Never Do On Wikipedia

  1. Never try to make anonymous edits
  2. Make sure your article does not have any adjective
  3. Avoid using jargons
  4. Not ever cite your own blog posts and press releases
  5. Do not forecast the results of your efforts
  6. Never think that you may control the outcome of your Wikipedia article

Can I Create a Wikipedia?

Yes, anyone can make a Wikipedia page but make sure you follow the Wikipedia page creation guidelines.

How Do You Get In Wikipedia?

If you want to get in Wikipedia, you need to create an account and consider the core guidelines for a Wiki page.

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