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How Long Does It Take For Google To Verify Knowledge Panel

Google’s knowledge panel is a handy tool for both the owners and search engine users. But, is it easy to claim it quickly?

Google is one of the biggest phenomena of the digital world. What once started out as a search engine, has become an integral part of our lives. On average, Google reaches around 4 million searches per minute, almost 228 million searches per hour, and 5.6 billion searches a day. Which can help you understand its role in everyday matters. This is why, the competition to get the knowledge panel that you see on the side when you search for a celebrity, movie, artists or game, is very high.

JRR Tolkien

A snippet of Lord Of The Rings’ Author, J. R. R. Tolkien’s knowledge panel on Google.

But, does it come easy? Is it easy to make one? And, if so, how long does it take to do so? In order to answer these questions, it is imperative that we understand some of the key elements of the knowledge panel itself, the things you are going to need. So, let us dig in and find out.

What Is A Google’s Knowledge Panel? (Add images)

First off, let us understand the matter at hand itself. What even is a knowledge panel? Whenever you enter a query in Google, it shows you some top results on the right side of your screen. However, on the left side, you see boxes containing vital information regarding the name\words that you have searched. There could be a variety of search types, and Google categorizes each one of them accordingly. So, here are some of the top types of knowledge panels or knowledge graphs that you see on Google.

·         Biography

Whenever your query is regarding a person, it can show you their vital information on the right side of your screen as suggested above. However, various biography types have several information boxes.



For instance, on the left side, you have the knowledge panel that features information about the actor Bradley Cooper. Whereas, on the ride side, you see the panel containing information regarding the English author, Charles Dickens.

·         Achievements

rafael nadal

An example of achievements, as Rafael Nadal’s knowledge graph, depicts his grand slam wins and French open titles.

In some cases, the information would contain awards, achievements, and even their net worth. However, since this is a vast topic, it all depends on their nature of industry and the sort of achievements that are common in their field.

·         Relations

christopher lee

Actor Christopher Lee’s knowledge graph conveying his one prominent relation.

Most knowledge graphs about people would contain this information. With some including information about children, wives, spouses and parents.

·         Contacts & Profiles


This information is usually at the bottom of the knowledge graph.

Many panels of actors, musicians and artists will provide their information, like contacts and profiles. It helps them attract traffic to their pertaining platforms.


How To Get Verified On Google Knowledge Panel

Well, now that you know what Google’s knowledge panel is, let us talk about how you can claim it. While there is another important matter to understand, but we’ll come to that in a bit. For now, let us dive into the verification process.

1.    Create A Google Account

One of the keys to using this feature is that you need a Google account. If you don’t have one already, then you are missing out on a chunk of other features as well. So, complete their simple sign-up procedure, then complete the two-factor authentication through your mobile phone or another existing email.

2.    Claim The Knowledge Panel Of The Supposed Entity

knowledge pannel

This is the button that gets you started on your way to claim a knowledge panel.

Once you sign up and log-in, you are going to simply claim the knowledge panel. If your panel exists already (we’ll come to that in a bit) then all you have to do is click “claim this knowledge panel,” as depicted above.

3.    Review & Sign Into Various Options On Google

Once Google allows you (given that it recognizes you as a verified entity), you can review the information that the panel is featuring. You can add or edit any relevant information. However, it needs to be backed by solid resources. This should not be needed, because if your panel exists in the first place, then you are verified on a few important platforms such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter or Facebook.

4.    Manage Permissions

You can allow other users to edit or add this information, by simply adding the email of an additional user in the manage section.

5.    Third-Party Verification

If you wish to associate your accounts to Google’s knowledge panel, then you are going to need third-party verification from those sources, particularly Facebook, and Twitter. Google’s own commodities may not require it.

6.    Managing & Updating

Much like any online profile, as you move forward, make sure you monitor it and update it as you go. It will help you keep the panel fresh and filled with relevant information.

So, How To Get On Google Knowledge Panel?

Now that we know what it is, can you actually create it? To simply answer it, no you cannot. But, at the same time, you can work your way around it and influence its creation. Bear in mind, that you can only claim a knowledge panel once is created. So, how do you sway its creation? You need a viable online presence.

·         Claiming Wikipedia Information

If your Wikipedia already exists, then all you need to do is verify that it is you through the third-party verification mentioned above. However, if your page is not created, then it is wise that you create one beforehand. It will make it easier for you to claim the knowledge panel. Moreover, it would grand your legitimacy and help you establish your verification over the knowledge panel easily.

·         Using WikiData Information

WikiData is an essential part of a Wikipedia page. That is why it is once again suggested that you thoroughly go through the page creation on Wikipedia before you dive into this. It will help you fill in information like career, achievements, dates, etc. quite easily.

How Long Will It Take Then?

If you count the hours spent on research and adding information on Wikipedia, it could take you about three-four weeks alone, only to get a page on Wikipedia. Then, you need a viable social media presence, and it can take days, weeks and maybe months. Yet, if you have all of these already, then the knowledge panel process itself takes less than a couple of days. But, you can expect to be in the waiting chair for up to a week at least, considering the number of people looking to get verified every day.

Things You Should Not Do

Well, we talked about things to do, let us talk about things not to do. While the obvious one is to make sure you are not claiming a panel or information that does not belong to you, make sure you do not rush it. So, let us examine a couple of important matters.

·         Be Impatient

One of the keys to making your online presence known is to make sure you are patient through each of its elements. You need to legitimize and ensure the credibility of your name on each of the platform that you heavily rely on. For example, if you claim a YouTube channel that is not yours, then your whole process could go down the drain. So, the key here is to be patient and strategize the whole thing before you begin.

·         Force-Create A Wiki Page

Bear in mind that having a wiki page is one of the most important ingredients of this whole process. So, if you try to force-create a wiki page without understanding creation or content guidelines, then you are throwing away the whole process. Once again, be patient and do everything properly.

How do I verify my Google Knowledge panel?

As the process is mentioned in the article, all you need is to make a Google account and establish that you own the information to the entity’s knowledge panel that you are trying to claim. But, the process is easy once you have a Google account signed in and click on “claim this knowledge panel” button.

What happens when you claim a knowledge panel?

It helps you establish online visibility and garner organic traffic. Moreover, it helps you establish your online domain authority. But, it gives the google search results pertaining to your keywords a good, profile-like look. Which helps establish credibility and provides verification to your achievements.

What does getting verified on Google mean?

One of the key things that getting verified on Google provides is credibility and visibility in the online world. It also means that you are the owner of the information depicted about you on the search engine page.