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How Famous Do You Have To Be To Have A Wikipedia Page

Getting on Wikipedia demands a lot of things that you need to be careful about. The platform is vast with a far-reaching online presence. It has gained the top ranks due to its high quality content submissions. The aim to offer free information to readers and to make it easily accessible has contributed to the widespread success of the platform. It currently has over 1.17 billion active contributors belonging to different regions of the world.

The success of the platform lies in its descriptive and must to follow guidelines. There are rules regarding how to research, what to write about and how to clarify the point, the right tone and voice to follow and other formatting and submission criteria. However, one most important step is to check for the notability of the subject. You must not ignore to learn about the Principle of Notability when planning to get on Wikipedia. If you are wondering how famous do you have to be to have a Wikipedia page then read the guidelines below:

The Principle of Notability

On Wikipedia, one has to go through the notability test. It helps in checking if the person has an online reach or not. Wikipedia intends to offer most valuable information to the target readers. It aims to provide pages that can take up the leading positions and for that comes the notability test.

The word “Notability” refers to sense of being famous and renowned. One who is known to almost 100 to 500 people online. The guidelines ensures if the person or subject can be allowed to get on the platform based on whether it will successfully garner the attention of the online readers or not. About the notability principle, Wikipedia states that,”

“If a topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to be suitable for a stand-alone article or list.”

Subject-Specific Notability Guidelines

Furthermore, on the platform you can even check out the subject-specific guidelines. You can find out what the platform tells about the deceased person and the subjects related to research. You cannot follow the same guidelines for everything.

You need to learn about two things:

  • Whether your subject has an online reach
  • The platforms where it has a presence or credible or not

wikipedia notability

If you navigate to the page ” Category: Wikipedia notability guidelines” you will find a box at the top of it where you can type in your particular category to check the guidelines. The guidelines are derived based on a thorough discussion that revolves around the accomplishment and recognition of the subject. The need to check the sources that exist and the credibility should be checked properly.

Whether you go for the print work that is books and magazines or plan to refer to the online sites, you need to be sure about the source authenticity. The guidelines listed on the above-mentioned Wiki page are derived through consensus.

Only those articles that stand on the guidelines are permissible to get published on Wikipedia. There should be enough coverage in the specific market to make the Wikipedia page reach the top. Furthermore, when it comes to the topic of the article, there is no restriction to meet both the notability criteria or the subject-specific notability guideline to become eligible for the platform.

The Notability Criteria To Follow

On Wikipedia, quality matters the most. You need to check if the platform where your subject has a presence is authentic and credible or not. For instance, if the person is one Forbes or The New York Times then surely they will be eligible for Wikipedia.

Similarly, you have to look at the amount of information these platforms carry. Merely having the basic biography will be sufficient. There must be avenues from where the editors while checking the page can verify the information.

The next thing is about checking the quantity. Here you cannot rely on a single platform for sharing your information. You must have more than 2 to 3 notable online coverage. The greater online reach you have the more chances are that your page will neither be rejected nor deleted.

Primary Resources

Primary resources mean the platforms or avenues directly associated with the subject. Wikipedia does not accept information that is referred to as the primary resources. You cannot create your website and then cite information from it to create a Wikipedia page.

You need to count on secondary resources as they ensure a more unbiased approach. Self-published blogs, free blog publishing sites, review sites that allow users to share their feedback all are considered dubious. You need to show a legit source of information that can genuinely speak volumes of your authenticity.

You need to go for the third party published sources and use it to refer to the information you add on your Wikipedia page. In this way, you can be sure to get your page approved quickly.

Furthermore, sometimes people refer to other relevant Wikipedia pages as their secondary sources, which is not acceptable by the platform. Wikipedia does not allow contributors to cite references from the pages published on it, as there is a chance that they might not be truly authentic. Wikipedia is an open-source platform and anyone can edit it. So, there are chances that the sources are biased or not credible. Wikipedia itself states that,

“Wikipedia is not a reliable source for citations elsewhere on Wikipedia. Because it can be edited by anyone at any time, any information it contains at a particular time could be vandalism, a work in progress, or just plain wrong.”

The Credibility of Referred Sources

As you know there is a lot of work involved in creating a Wikipedia page, from getting to know how famous do you have to be to have a Wikipedia page to checking even the credibility of the sources.

When you plan to add the citation of the Wikipedia page to highlight its online reach and presence, you need to check if your cited sources are credible themselves or not. For instance, if you refer to anything from Wired Magazine, you can see that the platform itself has a Wikipedia page. This speaks volumes of its credibility and authenticity. It should have a high degree of notability to make you eligible for the platform.

However, not every publication or platform is trusted and allowed. For instance, you must have heard about The Fox News, apparently the platform is not eligible for Wikipedia, which states that,

“…a panel of Wikipedia administrators in July declared that Fox News would no longer be considered “generally reliable” in it’s reporting on politics and science and in those areas “should be used with caution to verify contentious claims.”

In August 2020, Wikipedia stopped referring Fox News as a credible source to cite information. Therefore, you need to check for the bad Wikipedia sources and avoid citing them to add credibility to your page. Here are some prominent references that fall under the weak or bad sources category.

  • com
  • Fox News
  • Self-published material
  • WikiLeaks

How To Build The Notability For A Wikipedia Page

By going through the detailed guidelines listed above, if you find a need to create the notability for your page, you need to follow the below mentioned guidelines.

·         Approach the Credible Platforms

You can pitch the credible platforms and share the content having your information on it. It’s more like pitching a guest blog and adding the author section to create a presence. If it’s about a new product release, you can share the relevant feedback to gain more presence online.

·         Consult Professionals

The next thing you can do is to consult professionals to get the job done for you. Search engine optimization experts know the right way to build a presence online. They make use of techniques that can help you create an organic presence. Many Wikipedia experts have deep rooted insights to making you eligible for the page.


How can you be eligible for a Wikipedia page?

There are Wikipedia eligibility guidelines that you need to refer to in order to check the right criteria. You must have notable references and an online presence.

How famous one has to be to become eligible for Wikipedia?

You cannot rely on a single platform having your information. You have to show at least more than one or two credible sources in your references to become eligible for the platform.

Is Wikipedia only for famous people?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia page; however, you must have some online presence to make sure that your Wiki page will reach out to a greater audience.

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