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How Does Allowing User To Contribute Its Website Help Promote Wikipedia As An Organization?

Being a user, we tend to look for the most easily and hassle-free ways to be a part of collaboration sites or other digital platforms to see the extent to which it can be beneficial for us. While some of the websites are costly, and they have their own process of subscribing to their areas, others are free of cost. One of the impeccable examples of a website fulfilling the description is Wikipedia, and there are so many other reasons for admiring it.

The largest encyclopedia is intensifying and growing at the speed of 11.9% as of January 2021. This lets one wonder why the number is increasing. Firstly, the digital arena accepts and allows content from different backgrounds and subjects; be it society, history and events, science and lots more. In this blog, you will see yourself ride in the journey of how users on Wikipedia are contributing to the success of the Wikipedia organization. So, keep reading!

Benefits of a Wiki website

The largest spot of knowledge is a home to 56 Million Wikipedia articles. So before we move on to understand how these articles assist Wikipedia to grow let us shed some light on why people opt to create a Wikipedia profile.

  • The content reaches to vast audiences
  • Widespread global knowledge
  • It does not cater to fake profiles
  • Top position on search engine

The advantages are endless which is why a company or any person would want to see their page on Wikipedia, other than other social media networks. On top of everything, it is rejoiced by Google with high ranking and greater reputation that makes your article appear on the front of the screen.

How Wikipedia gets promoted from a user’s contribution

As previously discussed, there are tons of perks of owning a Wikipedia page that probably only a user can tell at their best. This is entirely seen from the user’s perspective. But did you know being a user of Wikipedia also permits you to promote their organization? The following headers would be sufficient to explain to you how.

Ranking on the Search engine

One of the answers to the title of the blog is through the ranking as per Google analytics. Every time, any user whether or not they have a Wikipedia page, type something on the search bar, with the optimization of keywords the first thing emerging on the screen is a Wiki page. However, things are different if that subject does not have a profile on this domain yet. This itself promotes Wikipedia’s reputation and position on the web.

Free of cost

Think of yourself as someone who doesn’t want to invest a large chunk of money on a website that does not have high ranking. Doing this would be one of the highly foolish acts, ask why? It is because you already have the existence of the largest encyclopedia on the web and that does not charge a penny. A wise person would always prioritize Wikipedia and not only that but may also uplift the channel by letting notable fellows know about the process; and this is what we call Wikipedia contribution. Every time a user gets their profile approved by them, there will be an addition of several articles! The more articles it acquires the more visits it attains and that itself boosts Wikipedia as an organization.

Number of edits

The current rate of Wikipedia edits is 1.9 per second. Doesn’t this captivate you? As a user even the editing pace counts as a contribution to this space of knowledge. Similar to the articles, the more edits the articles on the domain get, the more it weighs the promotional aspect of Wikipedia. As a user if one is intending to modify their existing information; primarily they are doing it for them but this sure has a lot to do with elevating the success of Wikipedia.

Wide and vast topics

Even if Wikipedia does now allow original research, there are analysts and research students who rely on Wikipedia for information. Being a user if one is gathering data for their proposals and projects, there are chances that details from Wikipedia are extracted. And this is because firstly, Wikipedia has knowledge on all subjects. Secondly, it is readily accessible. So, how does it help the organization? Well, every time the research takes material from there, Wikipedia would be used for external links. This magnifies citations for their pages, and articles. Isn’t it too great for the platform?


Lastly are the images and the pictorial aspect of the platform. Every time you post an image and picture with your content, your article will not only be reviewed more but people may use the image for other purposes, and everyone they do so, the source will direct them to the Wikipedia page. This also includes graphs.

A collaborative success between the user and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a platform that hasn’t set limits for the subject or context of content which has surely earned the user with several benefits and has also promoted Wikipedia. Besides this, the platform has been a source of development and training of human intellect. You get stuck somewhere, search Wikipedia. You feel any information is going off the track; you can fix it by editing it that will take some to get approved.

Along with user’s contribution to promoting Wikipedia, the editors and administrators have to do a lot with it. If you have got your content published and want to make alterations, you can always edit it and this will be accepted and updated upon verification. More than anything else, it is full of harmony because no one can delete somebody else’s work in a blink; this is not how Wikipedia works.

To Conclude

We have always emphasized on what Wikipedia offers to the users. This blog post is distinctive because the discussion lies on how as a user you are uplifting Wikipedia as an organization. The reasons would vary, for instance promotion in terms of SEO ranking or donations.

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