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How Do I Create An Artist Profile On Apple Music

Apple Music provides a vast exposure to artist. It’s more like a search engine that helps connect with people having similar taste in music. You can not only upload your music but can listen to what others has to provide along with sharing your playlist with your friends. Its more like an online community of music lovers.

There is a search box to discover latest uploads from billboards top artist and of those who are new to the industry. The music you upload gets exposure and viewership. The more people follow your profile the better it performs and the greater will be outcomes.

Apple music

For newbies it gives ample exposure and make it possible to get a footing in the entertainment, specially the music industry. But the real problem is how do I create an artist profile on Apple Music. The process, although, is not too long but it involves certain important steps that one has to follow and ensure good quality as it sketches their profile and personality in a professional manner. So, here goes the Apple Music artist profile creation process.

Steps to Create an Account on ITunes Music

make your music

Read the guidelines mentioned below and follow each step carefully.

Step #1- Navigate to the Apple Music Website/App

Go to Apple Music app or website. You can download an app if you are accessing it from your iPhone or simply head for the website if you are on any other platform.

Step #2- Listen Now

Tap on listen now button you will see blinking on the top right side. If you are on the website you will directly see the signup button on the same side. However, if you are accessing it from your Android app you will have to click on the photo icon. The iPhone app version to involve the photo app button for account opening.

Step #3- What Friends Are listening

The next step is to click on the button that shows you what your friends are listening. There you will find the onscreen prompts that will show you the option to create a username. You will have to upload an image and follow your friends. You can fill in your information and proceed to save the changes. Voila, your account is created.

How to Claim The Artist Page on Apple Music

Are you wondering about how to create an artist profile on apple music? Well, sometimes you have to create it on your other times Apple Music creates it for you. So, if your profile is already there on Apple Music and you want to gain its control you have to get it verified. To do that you need to follow certain guidelines. These are listed below, read on!

Verifying Your Identity

Apple Music will ask you to verify your identity as an artist and rightful owner of the page. You can be the artist’s manager or whoever to operate and manage the account, so you have to mention that and ensure to follow the verification process till the end.

First, you have to sign in to your account in the Apple Music for the artist apps. You can get it in the App Store. You will have to enter your Apple ID and then head to tap on the button “Request Access” You can open the artist page present on your iTunes store in the search box to claim it yours.

You then have to select any of your albums to present there in order to further verify that you are clicking on the right artist page. The next step involves choosing the role, who are you, are you the artist’s manager or the artist himself? You have to select the right role to gain the access designed for you.

There will be a requested application field that you will have to fill in with the right information and details.

Note that: it’s better to add the information on other notable platforms to help to get verified quickly. So, what are those platforms that you can share to speed up the verification process? Check below mentioned list.

·         Social Media Accounts

If you have a YouTube account or you are active on SoundCloud, Facebook or Instagram, you need to provide the URL to your profile. All of these platforms are credible and notable. By sharing their profiles you can easily get your artist page approved in no time.

·         Wikipedia Page

Next step is to create a Wikipedia page and get the link to the published page. On Wikipedia you can easily create an artist page by incorporating unique and authentic information. All you need to do is to go through the guidelines and policies and get your Wiki page verified by the officials. The Wikipedia page has a worth in search engines and will get definitely favored on Apple Music as well.

Create An Appealing Artist Biography On Apple Music

If you follow the above mentioned process you will not have to stress about how to create an artist profile on iTunes. You simply will get the account and even get it verified without much trouble at all. So, now once you get your Apple Music verified account or you can call it the artist page you have to make sure that it looks professional.

The first aspect is to create an engaging artist biography. Your account will show a short summary about how you are and what you do. You need to seek help from professionals who can create a captivating and flawless biography. You must carry a friendly but professional tone for your profile and use specific terms like key phrases that can make it optimized to appear on relevant top searches.

Manage What You Share On Apple Music

Having an artist page is one thing but managing it properly needs a lot of time and careful planning. You should know what your followers and friends are listening to and how your profile appears in front of them. You can hide the songs or albums that you no longer are interested to share and upload new ones timely. Enter the right description with each album to make it optimized.

How do I create an artist profile on apple music?

You can download an app on your smartphone or head to the website to follow the account creation procedure. The option to create a page is right above at the top right corner.

How long does it take to claim the Apple Music artist profile?

You claim your account by following a certain procedure on Apple Music as that will allow you to take more control of your profile. It takes more than 48 hours for the store to verify your identity.

What is the artist profile on Apple Music?

An artist profile on Apple Music is a page that provides roam to the artist to upload his music albums to connect with the target listeners. The profile has an image with a short biography.

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