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Are All Articles Can Be Edited in the Wikipedia Why

With more than 54 million Wikipedia pages in total and articles gathered in a total of almost 300 plus languages, Wikipedia is considered as the world’s largest pool of reliable information on the world wide web.

The number of articles on Wikipedia in English Language make up almost 11% of the total articles present on Wikipedia. Now, what you must know about Wikipedia’s size and how rapidly its growing is that there almost more than 17000 articles uploaded on Wikipedia each month, making it one of the fastest growing online platforms in the world.

However, the main question still remains; “What is Wikipedia?” Well, to put it simply, Wikipedia is one of the most reliable online encyclopedias on this planet. Using a collaborative effort from everyone on this planet, people are making changes on Wikipedia and updating the information on its pages on a regular basis.

Yes, once a Wikipedia page or article is uploaded, further changes can be made in the form of edits in the information or content of the pages or articles. Now, there are many people out there, who have this question popping inside their heads about why there is even a need to edit the information on Wikipedia pages or articles.

Can All Articles & Pages be Edited on Wikipedia and Why is there a Need for Editing Wikis?

Yes, as stated above, each Wikipedia page or article, which has become the part of Wikipedia officially and has gone live on the platform can be edited by absolutely anyone. However, can all articles be edited, this is something, which may require some in detail explanation.

See, there are certain Wikipedia pages or articles, which are subject to certain issues such as controversial topics or there are certain Wikipedia pages, which have previously been edited but the edits were not approved by the Wikipedian community. Now, for such Wikipedia pages or articles, not everyone in the world is allowed by Wikipedia to edit them. Well, yes everyone is allowed to edit them however, there are certain milestones that these new editors need to fulfil before they can begin the editing of these pages or articles.

In addition to this, there are certain pages or articles on Wikipedia, which are called semi-protected and extended protected pages. Now, in case someone wants to make edits on these pages then the editors will need to prove themselves to the Wikipedian community first by making an account on the platform and completing and getting the edits of at least 10 edits for semi-protected page edits and at least 500 edits for extended protected pages. Furthermore, an editor may also need to have an account for at least 4 days before they can edit semi-protected pages on Wikipedia and in case of extended protected pages, an editor needs to have an account for at least 30 days.

The Need for Editing a Wikipedia Page or Article

Now, coming back to the question of why do people even feel the need to edit the information or content on Wikipedia pages or articles. Well, for this you need to understand and comprehend the ever-changing nature of facts and information in our world.

If you look at the world around you and the information and facts being used in various subjects and fields of study then you will realize that the facts change with the passage of time. There are many numbers and figures, which change with the passage of time. New and reliable information comes to light and because Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, which believes in collaboration and offering & delivering reliable and authentic information to people across the globe for free therefore, people have the right to change the content and facts of Wikipedia pages or content.

Now, even though people have the right and the access to make edits on Wikipedia pages or articles but, at the same time, each edit being done must be done very carefully, making sure that the facts stated in the content are neutral, true, reliable, verifiable and come from an authentic source. This is why, each edit needs to be made by offering substantial evidence in the shape of references and citations.

Do Individuals Need their Wikipedia Pages to be Edited?

With the passage of time the demand for creating Wikipedia pages and articles has increased a lot and individuals such as athletes, celebs, scholars and even entrepreneurs, who are looking to get recognition, create awareness and engage their target audience, have been seen and observed to be demanding Wikipedia pages and articles in an increasing manner.

Now, what happens after an individual gets their page or article created on Wikipedia? Even though most individuals prefer to use professionals Wikipedia page creation services to get their pages created and edited but what actually, makes an individual wants to change the information on their Wikipedia pages or article. Well, with time, modifications need to be made to an individual’s Wikipedia page or article because as time passes, whether it’s a page for an actor or an entrepreneur, there are many changes in their overall achievements, which they need the world the know about as well. Therefore, editing the information on their Wikipedia page is the most neutral manner in which they can create awareness globally in the most effective manner.

Do Business Organizations Need their Wikipedia Pages to be Edited?

Yes, when you talk about business organizations and their need to create and edit their Wikipedia pages or articles then you also need to factor in their real reasons behind the creation of these pages in the first place as well. See, most business organizations create their Wikipedia pages because these pages are considered to be an extremely amazing marketing tool, which can offer and deliver exceptional results in the favor of business organizations in the most effective and efficient manner.

Now, when these business organizations get their pages created by professional agencies then they usually also have these professional agencies monitor these pages as well so that they can edit these pages in the most timely fashion, helping these business organizations in creating awareness in the most effective and efficient manner.

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