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8 Steps In Making An Article In Wikipedia

Want to gain free information with authenticity? Wikipedia has got it all for you. No matter where you are in the world, you can get access to all the reliable information with ease. From the tiniest of particles to the wonders of the world, Wikipedia has detailed articles about it all. There is nothing that Wikipedia fails to answer. You can imagine its importance by this simple example. Have you ever wondered which site do you see first when you insert anything in the search bar? It is Wikipedia! The reason is that it is the world’s largest online encyclopedia and the makers had the aim of making information accessible to every human being around the globe.

Today, the site carries forward the aim with 55.31 million articles operating on it with 52.07 million reliable pages. Moreover, Wikipedia continues to grow the knowledge network with the availability of 304 languages of the world. Thus, it is not necessary for you to know only English in order to gain knowledge. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of languages (this feature covers all the national languages and then some mainstream regional languages).

Nonetheless, with easy accessibility and language ease, the platform is listed in the top fifteen most visited sites of the world by Alexa with 22.67 billion annual views. Hence, if you think you have the potential and skills that the world should know, then it is high time that you create a Wikipedia page for yourself. If you are wondering how you would do it, then follow these eight steps to make a seamless Wikipedia article for you.

1.      Identify the Aim of the Page

Wikipedia does not accept anything randomly. You have to make sure to come up with a valid reason that why do you need to make a Wikipedia page? How is the page going to benefit the people around you? What is that unique thing about yourself that you want to tell the world? Make sure you have all these types of questions answered before you start the process.

Also, understand the community guidelines completely before proceeding to anything at all. Never think that since Wikipedia is a user-generated site, you can add anything without following the rules. The site follows strict policies for page acceptance and page creation and if you want to have a page approved, then you have to abide by every single policy it states.

2.      Create a Wikipedia Account for Yourself

Remember how you needed to create an account in order to play your favorite video game? Wikipedia is the same. You have to create an account in order to enter the world’s largest informative platform. Keep in mind one thing that there is a huge difference between an account and an article/page. the account is your first step of the process whereas the page has to be the last.

Steps to create a Wikipedia account

To help you create a Wikipedia account for yourself, these are the steps to be followed.

  • Open the homepage of Wikipedia
  • Choose your language for the creation process
  • Click on the create account option
  • Fill the details in the registration form
  • Confirm your account through email
  • Come back to the homepage and log in

3.      Build a Positive Reputation on the Site

The next step in the making of a perfect Wikipedia page for yourself is to generate a positive reputation on the site. It is extremely important to create notability on the platform in order to create strong backup links for your page acceptance. The process is simple, you do at least seven edits on the site with proper referencing and citations. You can also write articles about people and famous personalities on multiple platforms such as Forbes, Medium, etc. The more you focus on notability and positive reputation build up the higher the chances of your page acceptance.

Steps to edit a Wikipedia page

This is how to edit any Wikipedia page.

  • Click on any accessible Wikipedia page
  • Click on the edit option on the right
  • Write the edited content in the Wikitext box
  • Preview the changes
  • Click on the publish changes option and submit

4.      Check for the Topic Availability

The next step in the process is to check if your topic is available for the making or no. For instance, for a Wikipedia page, you will want to make a page with your name. However, there are multiple people with the same name and it is possible that the exact name you are looking for may not be present. Hence, to avoid any kind of inconvenience later, it is important to check the availability of the topic through red link methods. One of the simple red link methods is this

  • Open Wikipedia
  • Click on the search bar
  • Enter the proposed title
  • The next screen will show either it is available or no

Note: A red link appears when a page title does not exist. This means you can continue to make the page with the proposed title.

5.      Ask for the Page to Be Created

This is one of the simplest steps in the process of Wikipedia page making. You will have to click on the ‘ask for the page to be created’ present right beside the red link.

6.      Time to Write the Content of the Page

When you opt for the page creation option, the next window will show you the rules and regulations of Wikipedia. On the same page, you will see an option for Article Wizard. You are supposed to write the content in the box and move towards the next step.

7.      Submit the Page for Final Acceptance

The last step is to submit the page for final acceptance. However, before you do that, make sure you review everything and are sure that you have made no mistakes. Once you are done with the review, go ahead and submit the page.

8.      Regularly Update the Page

Remember it is not enough to only create a Wikipedia page. You will have to continually update it in order to keep the information valid and reliable for the users.

Will a Wikipedia page for you add authenticity to your existence?

Yes, a Wikipedia page for you will add worth to your existence for sure. It is a global site that only approves articles that are authentic and backed up by proper referencing. Your authenticity will definitely increase through a page.

Is it possible for a Wikipedia page to be accepted before 3 months?

The procedure for the overall acceptance of a Wikipedia page takes a long time, 3 months is the minimum time for its processing. However, if your page is exceptional, then chances are it might get approved earlier.

What if a Wikipedia page is not up to the mark of the community guidelines?

A Wikipedia page can be rejected if anyone violates the community guidelines or does any unethical act. Hence, if your page does not follow the guidelines, it will eventually be rejected.

Is notability an extremely important feature for a Wikipedia page?

Yes, notability is definitely the most important feature in the making of a perfect Wikipedia page. It is because Wikipedia needs to verify that you are a reliable source to rely on for information given to the world.

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